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ForeFlight Mobile Pro Canada

Enjoy easy access to geo-referenced procedures from NAV CANADA’s Canada Air Pilot, airport data from the Canada Flight Supplement, and full VNC, VTA, and IFR low/high enroute chart coverage.

Stratus 2 Dual-Band ADS-B

Meet Stratus 2, a new wire-free, battery powered, portable, dual-band ADS-B AHRS receiver. Stratus was designed to work hand in glove with ForeFlight Mobile.

Flying with Stratus 2 is a joy.
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ForeFlight Mobile

ForeFlight Mobile is the critically acclaimed flight planning and in flight support app for pilots. Discover the joy of a lighter flight bag and increased situational awareness.

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ForeFlight for Business Aviation

ForeFlight is used by Fortune 500 corporate flight departments, jet management companies, and operators around the world. Let us help simplify your flight operations.

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ForeFlight for Education

ForeFlight's Educational License Program provides educational institutions the opportunity to provide aviation students with discounts to ForeFlight Mobile, managed through a simple online portal.

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