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ForeFlight Mobile is at the center of your electronic flight bag strategy.

ForeFlight Mobile is your all-in-one app for digital access to charts and maps, weather, route planning and filing, document management, terrain and obstacle avoidance, and more. ForeFlight is used by a wide range of corporate flight departments, fractional and charter operators, and commercial FAA Part 121 carriers.

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EFB Approvals for ForeFlight Mobile on the iPad

Many ForeFlight customers operating under Part 91F, 91K, 121, and 135 have received FAA OpSpec A061 approval to use iPad with ForeFlight Mobile in all phases of flight as a replacement for paper charts, as well as an inflight moving map and weather source. We can provide resources to assist you with initial EFB authorizations as well as supplemental authorizations for capabilities like display of ownship position on taxi charts.

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Training and education is also an important piece of the digital culture you are building within your organization. For custom ForeFlight Mobile training options, both onsite and online, please contact us using the form on the right.

I want ForeFlight in my EFB program:

Airport Moving Map Ownship Position Approval Support

Display of ownship on taxi diagrams enhances the safety of ground operations by providing the pilot with clear and accurate location awareness. ForeFlight's toolkit supports your system accuracy assessment with GPS logging capability, cloud storage of collected logs, and helpful reporting features. You can easily export GPS logs from ForeFlight and review in GIS software such as Google Earth.

Click here to request our Statement for Database Accuracy and System Quality Assessment.

ForeFlight Mobile offers over 2,600 geo-referenced airport diagrams and runway proximity advisor, a visual and aural alert when approaching or entering runways. Pilots can also draw taxi clearances right on the diagram using the annotations feature. Adding a Stratus 2 enables an ADS-B traffic data overlay on top of the moving maps view, providing crews with awareness to other ground traffic and congestion that may trigger tarmac delay programs.

ForeFlight Cloud Documents

ForeFlight makes it easy to bring your own cloud to Document management. Secure cloud document distribution via Box, Dropbox and Amazon S3 ensures that expired or superseded documents are removed and replaced on each device as soon as the device connects to the Internet. Learn more.

ForeFlight Manage Dashboard for Administrators

ForeFlight’s web app dashboard allows flight operations administrators to easily manage ForeFlight Mobile and iPad deployments. Ops managers can add or remove pilots and devices from the account as well as track compliance on each device ensuring aviation data, documents, and software are kept current.

Proactive Decisions with Stratus 2

The Stratus 2 is a PED as defined by the FAA and may not require FAA approval for use in your operations. We have both Part 121 and Part 135 customers who have elected to use the Stratus 2 under the PED approval. Stratus 2 delivers the FAA’s NextGen subscription-free ADS-B weather services to the iPad and iPhone display. Flight crews can supplement ATC weather broadcasts with graphical displays of the turbulence forecast, animated NEXRAD radar, PIREPs, and more overlaid directly on charts and maps. By seeing weather and traffic conditions ahead, pilots can make more informed, first-mover decisions and coordinate with ATC for the most efficient reroute handling when needed -saving time and money.

File & Brief with ForeFlight Mobile

ForeFlight Mobile taps into Lockheed Martin’s advanced interface to the National Airspace System to enable more powerful filing options to pilots. File worldwide ICAO flight plans, receive expected route notifications, and when plans change use the Amend feature to easily re-file or cancel from your iPad or iPhone.