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ForeFlight Mobile 6.3

Track Log

With ForeFlight Mobile 6.3 we introduce Track Log, a cloud-enabled flight recorder that allows you to record and share your flight track and altitude data right from the ForeFlight Mobile app. Track Log is a great way to share your flying with friends and family, as well as a helpful tool for instructors and students to debrief flight lessons.


ForeFlight Mobile’s Track Log will record flight track information using any compatible GPS device, including the Stratus 1, Stratus 2, Bad Elf, and the built-in GPS on Wi-Fi + Cellular iOS devices. In addition, Track Log can continue to record your flight data while the ForeFlight Mobile app is running in the background (Please note that background GPS is currently not available for Stratus 1 or 2).

Enable Track Log in More > Settings by turning the Track Log switch ON.

Recording is easy using the start/stop record button on the Maps view. When you are ready to start recording your flight simply tap the REC button on the lower left edge of the Maps page. The button will highlight and the timer will begin to count up indicating that recording is underway.

To stop recording tap the REC button again. The blue highlight will disappear and the timer will stop counting. The flight data is automatically added to the track log list in the More > Track Logs view.


Each flight you record is listed in the Track Logs view. Tapping on an entry reveals the details of your track.

On the detail view you can further customize the entry by adding a track log name, pilot name, tail number or other notes.

To share your flight via email or social platforms, or access it via your online ForeFlight Manage account, you’ll first need to upload the track log to the cloud. To do this, tap on the cloud symbol in the Track Log list view for each flight you would like to upload.

Once in the cloud, your track information becomes available to share via a web link or access in your web app account.


Each track log can be exported to a sharable web link for posting to Twitter, Facebook, or sending in an email or text message.

For example, tap on Twitter to generate a post directly from the app:

The sharable link generates a snapshot of the flight overlaid on a base map view.

Your flight track can also be sent to and viewed by compatible apps that you have installed on your iOS device, like Google Earth and CloudAhoy.

Track Log is also integrated with ForeFlight Mobile’s Sync feature, so flight track information recorded on one device becomes available on the other devices signed-in to your ForeFlight Mobile account.


Login to your account to export your flight track as a KML or GPX file, a common file type that can be imported by third-party applications like Google Maps, Google Earth, and other mapping engines.

For operators, Track Log has additional capability that allows them to aggregate track logs and analyze them in support of AC 120-76C, which provides guidance for authorization of airport moving map and requires collection analysis of GPS data for presentation to the FAA.

Track Log can be used on the iPad and iPhone and is a ForeFlight Mobile Standard feature.

Weight & Balance

ForeFlight Mobile version 6.3 introduces an in-app weight & balance solution. Weight & Balance comes pre-loaded with over 100 aircraft models for easier setup. ForeFlight Mobile’s smart interview wizard prompts you through the setup based on FAA Type Certificate Data Sheet and Service Bulletin records. We continue to add more aircraft to the library.

You can maintain an unlimited number of weight & balance profiles, including multiple configurations for the same aircraft. Weight & Balance allows you to quickly analyze last minute loading changes and will color highlight any parameters that are outside the aircraft’s envelope. Operators can also export load summaries for required reporting.

Weight & Balance is accessible on both the iPad and the iPhone and is a ForeFlight Mobile Pro feature.

Here’s a snapshot of what Weight & Balance can do:

  • Multiple fixed-arm fuel stations
  • One variable-arm fuel station (i.e. a single fuel moment table)
  • Gear retract moment change
  • Station specific weight limit checks
  • Weight limit checks for ramp, takeoff, landing, as well as zero fuel weight
  • Forward and aft CG limit checks
  • Audible out-of-balance alert
  • Add any number of stations in each aircraft
  • Add any number of loads at each station
  • Drag a load between stations
  • Name aircraft, stations, and loads
  • View audit output for comparison with other weight and balance calculations
  • Choose avgas, mogas, or jet fuel
  • Change fuel density
  • Set initial fuel
  • Set start/taxi fuel consumption
  • Set inflight fuel consumption
  • Edit fuel weight
  • Edit fuel volume
  • Passcode lock an aircraft setup
  • Email PDF Loading Summary
  • Print PDF Loading Summary via AirPrint

Refer to our ForeFlight Mobile Weight & Balance Guide for complete how-to on this new feature.

ForeFlight Mobile Version 6.3 Is Available On The App Store

ForeFlight Mobile version 6.3 is a free download for subscribers via the Apple Store. For additional information, be sure to review our Pilot's Guide.