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ForeFlight Mobile 4.3 is available in the App Store and ready for download. This release includes our new Intelligent Ruler - just hold down two fingers on the map to see the great circle distance between any two points. The ruler is great for figuring out distance to the nearest airport. Watch our 4.3 video to see the ruler in action.

Pilots like to share their adventures, so ForeFlight Mobile 4.3 makes that easy. Share your trip via email or Twitter. The email includes your trip log, a screenshot, and a convenient link that other ForeFlight Mobile users can tap to load your route onto their iPad or iPhone.

Read on for details about our new release, new information about iOS 5, and the updated ForeFlight Buying Guide.

Blue Skies!
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ForeFlight Mobile 4.3: Measure and Share

Our latest release is in the App Store and ready for download!

Measure: Want to know how far you can venture? Hold down two fingers on the map and our Intelligent Ruler appears, showing you the great circle distance between any two points. If you have a default aircraft, the ruler shows time, distance, and TAS.

Slide the ruler around any chart while holding down your fingers or thumbs. The ruler even prints the distance on both sides, which is great for instructors exploring routes with student pilots.

Share: Pilots like to share their adventures, so ForeFlight Mobile includes a feature to make that easy. Tap the "Send to ..." button (located on Maps on iPad or Routes for iPhone) to send an email of your navlog and a screenshot to a buddy, your SIC, or passengers.

If you use Twitter on iOS 5, you can use the "Send to..." button to post your route and a screenshot of your trip.

ForeFlight Mobile 4.3 includes other great improvements:

  • Tap-and-hold on Maps now includes distance from current location.
  • Export your flight info to LogTen Pro via the "Send To" button.
  • Performance improvements in Maps and when activating new data.
  • Support for the new "never delete" function in iOS 5.0.1 (see below).

ForeFlight Mobile 4.3 is a free update for current subscribers. Click here for instructions on updating to the latest version. This release also includes important bug fixes, and we recommend that all users update.

Video Walkthrough of 4.3

See ForeFlight Mobile 4.3 in action with this video walkthrough.

Watch a quick demonstration of measuring distances with the new ruler, sharing a flight plan via email, and exporting your trip to LogTen Pro.

ForeFlight Buying Guide and XM Bundle Discount

We've updated the ForeFlight Buying Guide for the holidays! Read our recommendations for buying an iPad and accessories.

Also, Baron is running a holiday special on their Mobile Link + XM Receiver bundles. Click here to save $150 on bundles until December 31.

iOS 5: Cleared for Takeoff

Apple released iOS 5.0.1 with an important fix: apps can now mark data as "never delete". This addresses the issue we noted previously where iOS 5 could delete data from inside apps under low disk space conditions.

Last week we released ForeFlight Mobile 4.3.1, an update that takes advantage of this new functionality. With ForeFlight Mobile 4.3.1 and iOS 5.0.1, your chart and plate data cannot be removed from inside the app.

You can check what version of ForeFlight Mobile you're running by viewing the top of the About screen, located under More on the iPad. You can check your iOS version in Settings -> General -> About -> Version.

Updated Pilot's Guide

We updated the pilot's guide to cover changes in the latest version of ForeFlight Mobile.

Please download it today to learn important information for flying safely with ForeFlight Mobile.

ForeFlight Profile

ForeFlight co-founder Tyson Weihs was recently featured in the 'Profiles of Innovation' video series by CultureMap Houston.

Watch this video profile if you're interested in learning more about the history of ForeFlight and the origin of ForeFlight Mobile for the iPad and iPhone.

ForeFlight Educational Licensing Program

Last month we launched the ForeFlight Educational Licensing Program (ELP), a volume licensing program for accredited aviation programs. This new program provides institutions the ability to offer ForeFlight services at a discount to their faculty and students.

We designed the program with the aviation program of Kansas State University Salina, and in the process built a suite of online tools that program members can use to manage student and faculty eligibility. We will be reviewing submissions for inclusion over the coming months as we roll out more partners in the program.