Come fly with ForeFlight.

Pilot Support Team

Austin or Houston, TX

Job Description

ForeFlight is looking for a pilot to join our product support team. You'll provide fast, friendly, and fanatical support via email and phone to ForeFlight customers around the world. We're looking for a pilot who loves to help others and has a passion for our products and company. Technical skills are important - you should know your way around an iPad, iPhone, and the latest ADS-B and GPS accessories.

You'll provide “it was so good they couldn’t stop talking about it” customer service via email for ForeFlight apps. You’ll also be responsible for daily outbound phone support. While training, you’ll be virtually working side-by-side with members of our pilot support team. Once you’re fully up to speed, you’ll be expected to answer 10-20 emails per hour. This is a significant volume, so be sure that you’re ready and able to deal with that kind of load day after day.

In addition, you have to be an excellent writer who enjoys writing. Our customers love when we get back to them within 10 minutes with a clear, concise, and friendly answer. Great writing is key.

This position is for 20-30 hours/week. You must be based out of Texas, with a preference for Austin or Houston.

How to Apply

  • A cover letter explaining why you want to work at ForeFlight.
  • A description of a great customer service/support experience you had recently, and what made it great.
  • A description of your flying experience, ratings, how often you fly now, and how you plan your flights.
  • A short resume detailing your work history.
  • A list of technologies you have experience with (e.g. iPad, Microsoft Word, Mac OS X, Google Docs, Photoshop, etc).
  • Your current work schedule and availability.
  • The email address on your ForeFlight account.

Also, attach the following writing samples (be concise!):

  • Explain to a potential customer why a pilot would use ForeFlight Mobile for preflight planning instead of websites.
  • A pilot wrote in saying they couldn't get METAR updates over a cellular connection while flying. Explain what in-flight weather options are available with ForeFlight.
  • A pilot wrote in wanting to use ForeFlight Logbook, but their current plan does not include Logbook. Explain how to upgrade to a plan that includes Logbook and mention the other benefits of that plan.

About ForeFlight, LLC

ForeFlight produces the best selling iPad and iPhone app for pilots flying personal and business aircraft, corporate flight departments, and aircraft operators. Customers include individual pilots worldwide, Fortune 500 corporate flight departments, state and federal agencies, leading operators, and leading aircraft OEMs. We have been in the App Store since Day 1 (7/10/2008) and are consistently ranked in the top 50 grossing iPad apps in the App Store.

We are known for our exceptional software user interface design and responsive, knowledgable customer support team. ForeFlight Mobile, our flagship application, was named Aviation Consumer's 2011 App of the Year and received Flying Magazine's Editors' Choice Award for 2011, 2012, and 2013. Our app was recently featured in the “Dreams” iPhone commercial.

Our downtown Austin office is located at 621 E 6th St, just a short walk from the MetroRail station. Our Houston office is located in the River Oaks area. We are a product-focused company where software development and customer service are the top priorities. Our software development team hails from Trinity University, Rice University, Texas A&M, UT Austin, and Clemson. We score 12 out of 12 on the Joel Test. We love shipping.

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If you’ve contributed to any open source projects, make sure to include links to relevant code. If you are a recent graduate, please include a copy of your transcript. In your cover letter, please indicate any aviation experience and list any relocation preferences or constraints.