Support / FAQs

We hope you can find all the answers to your questions in our comprehensive FAQs. We have also created helpful videos that can answer many questions about using our apps.

    Where can I find useful Canadian aviation documents, which are not in the ForeFlight Documents Catalog?

    TP 14371 - Transport Canada Aeronautical Information Manual (TC AIM)
    Canada AIM

    How do I get new versions of FAA or NAV CANADA documents?

    When a new version of a document is available, a red badge will appear on the app icon and there will be a new item in the Downloads view. Tap the green Download button at the bottom of the Downloads view to download the latest documents, along with any other data updates that are available.

    FAA and NAV CANADA documents that are updated on a regular 28-day or 56-day cycle will be available for download a few days before the document expires. Your document binder will always show the version of the document that is effective, if it is available. Once the new version of a document becomes effective, it will automatically start showing in your binders and any old, expired versions will be deleted from your iPad.

    Where can I find useful United States aviation documents, which are not in the ForeFlight Documents Catalog?

    The following FAR's are available in ForeFlight Mobile:

    • FAR 21 - Certification - Products & Parts
    • FAR 23 - Airworthiness Standards
    • FAR 61 - Certification - Pilots
    • FAR 67 - Medical Standards & Cert
    • FAR 91 - General Op & Flight rules
    • FAR 93 - Special Air Traffic rules
    • FAR 95 - IFR Altitudes
    • FAR 97 - Stanard Instrument Proc's
    • FAR 121 - Op requirements
    • FAR 135 - Op requirements
    • FAR 141 - Pilot Schools
    • FAR/NTSB 830 - Accident reporting
    Many Aviation Handbooks & Manuals from the FAA are already available in ForeFlight Mobile, but for others, see the Index for FAA Aviation Documents: FAA Aviation Handbook & Manuals Index

    Can I view documents on my iPhone?

    No. We designed documents to take advantage of the large iPad screen, and this feature is currently only available in the iPad version of ForeFlight Mobile.

    How do I delete a document from my iPad?

    To permanently delete a document from your iPad, first make sure the document shows in at least one Document Binder.
    Then open up the Catalog view and locate the document you wish to delete. Swipe your finger from right-to-left on the name of the document and a red Delete button will appear on the right. Tap that button to delete the document. This will delete the document from all binders and remove the file from your iPad. This will also prevent you from getting updates to the document in the Downloads view.

    How do I convert a .DOC file or other non-compatible file format to one that can be Opened In ForeFlight Mobile?

    If you have a Mac:

  • Open the file on your Mac
  • Go to File-Print (shortcut is Command -P).
  • At the bottom of the Print window, click the "PDF" button, choose "Save as PDF..." give the file a name and save it.
  • Then import the new .PDF file into ForeFlight Mobile using either the email or iTunes techniques described above.

    If you have a PC:
  • Install a PDF printer driver that will create a "virtual printer" so you can print files to PDFs. One popular, free PDF printer driver is PDFCreator, found here:
  • Once you have installed the PDF printer driver, open the document, print it, give the file a name and save it.
  • Then import the new .PDF file into ForeFlight Mobile using either the email or iTunes techniques described above.

    What if my document is slow to load?

    PDFs created from scanned documents are sometimes slow to load. We recommend opening the file in a PDF viewer (like Preview on Mac OS X) and re-saving it. This can result in a much smaller file that loads faster.

    Are password protected documents supported?

    No, not at this time.

    What documents are included with the app?

    Three catalogs are included by default: an FAA catalog, a ForeFlight catalog, and a NAV CANADA catalog. Here’s a sampling of the documents included:

    • Pilot’s Guide to ForeFlight Mobile
    • ForeFlight Mobile Legends (a reference to radar and map symbology)
    • The FAA’s Digital Terminal Procedures supplements
    • FAA green-book Airport/Facility Directory supplementals
    • FAA Class B enhancement graphics
    • Aeronautical Chart User’s Guide
    • Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)
    • Airplane Flying Handbook
    • Aviation Instructor’s Handbook
    • The FAA’s “Aviation Weather” Handbook
    • The FAA/NOAA Guide to Aviation Weather Services
    • Instrument Flying Handbook
    • Instrument Procedures Handbook
    • Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
    • The Pilot/Controller Glossary
    • Legends: IFR, VFR, and TAC Chart Legends
    • NAV CANADA’s Canada Flight Supplement (CFS)
    • NAV CANADA Legends: IAP legends, speed tables, minimal legends, profile view legends, chart legends and more

    How do I import my own documents?

    There are 3 ways to import documents: via ForeFlight Manage, via iTunes, and via other apps (email, Safari or unlinked Dropbox).

    Importing from ForeFlight on the web (requires Pro or Pro Plus subscription): If you have linked your ForeFlight account to a cloud storage account (Dropbox, Box, or Amazon S3) on the Document Integration page on ForeFlight on the web, any files that you place in the appropriate folder on your computer are made available for download in the Documents Catalog under the category title you set when you linked your accounts.
    Dropbox: place files or folders inside the Dropbox/Apps/ForeFlight/ folder on your computer.
    Box: place files or folders inside the Box/ForeFlight/ folder on your computer.
    NOTE: the "/ForeFlight" folder is created automatically by Dropbox or Box when you link your ForeFlight account.

    Importing via iTunes: Plug your iPad into your computer using the Apple USB cord and start iTunes on the computer. Inside iTunes, click on the name of your iPad under the Devices listing on the left. On the right pane, click the Apps tab at the top. Scroll to the File Sharing section at the bottom of the page and click on ForeFlight. On the right, you will see a table titled ForeFlight Documents. Drag and drop your files onto this table. While the files are copying over, you will see a brief "Sync in Progress" message on your iPad. After the copying has completed, launch ForeFlight Mobile and tap on the Documents tab. The files will be imported into the app and appear at the end of your current binder. After a file is imported, it will disappear from the iTunes listing. If a document does not import, make sure it is a supported file format: PDF, JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF.

    Importing via other apps (email, Safari or unlinked Dropbox): Limited to pdf files only, no image files. Send yourself a pdf document via email as an attachment, view the email on your iPad, then tap on the arrow-in-the-square icon (top right), and select “Open In … ForeFlight”. The process is similar for Safari or Dropbox, just open the pdf file, then tap the arrow-in-the-square icon (top right), and select “Open In … ForeFlight”.

    Note: Very large image files or PDF files containing scanned images may open slowly, especially on earlier iPad models.

    After a document is imported, it is always added to the current binder. To also add it to a different binder, open that binder, tap the Catalog button at the top right, and select that document from the “Imported” catalog.