Support / FAQs

We hope you can find all the answers to your questions in our comprehensive FAQs. We have also created helpful videos that can answer many questions about using our apps.

    How can I access ForeFlight Web?

    ForeFlight Web is provided free to every ForeFlight subscriber. Go to and click Sign in, then enter your ForeFlight username and password.

    If you're not a ForeFlight subscriber, take a look at our pricing page to learn about our subscription plans and the features they provide.

    What kind of browser can I use ForeFlight Web on?

    ForeFlight Web supports several browsers.  It is optimized for use with latest versions of Chrome, Edge, FireFox, Internet Explorer 11, Opera, and Safari. If you have trouble viewing a page in ForeFlight Web, please try switching to Chrome or Firefox.

    Also, ForeFlight Web cannot be accessed through a web browser on a mobile device. If you're using an iPad or iPhone we recommend using the ForeFlight app for the complete ForeFlight experience.

    NOTE:  If you encounter any errors with ForeFlight Web, please send an email to letting us know.  Please include the following items when possible:

    - A complete description of what happened

    - Your type of computer (Mac or PC)

    - The model number of your computer (if possible)

    - Operating System version

    - Browser type and version

    - Screenshot(s) documenting the issue

    Can ForeFlight Web be used in place of ForeFlight Mobile in the cockpit?

    No.  ForeFlight Web is intended to be a pre-flight planning tool only, not a substitute for ForeFlight Mobile. Additionally, ForeFlight Web requires an active internet connection, meaning that in most cases it will not be accessible in-flight.

    How does my route sync between ForeFlight Web and my iPad or iPhone?

    Via ForeFlight's Sync system - as soon as you enter or "Favorite" a route, it's made available on all internet-connected devices on your account. You can then tap the "Recents" or "Favorites" button on those devices to see the route there.

    Can I edit my route in ForeFlight Web by clicking and dragging like I can in ForeFlight Mobile?

    Yes. Click and hold any point along your route to "grab" it and drag it across the map. When you let go, a popup appears which allows you to select from a list of nearby airports and waypoints, just like in the app.

    Can I get a weather briefing and file a flight plan on ForeFlight Web?

    Yes. Display the NavLog by clicking on the "FPL" button. Enter the route, choose your aircraft, then click File & Brief to send the plan to the web File & Brief page. There you can confirm all information and click the button to get a briefing, and or file the flight plan.

    Briefings and flight plans filed on ForeFlight on the web will be sync'd automatically with the devices signed-in to your ForeFlight account.