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We hope you can find all the answers to your questions in our comprehensive FAQs. We have also created helpful videos that can answer many questions about using our apps.

    What is JetFuelX?

    JetFuelX is a free web-based fuel card management service that makes it easy for owners and operators of turbine or turboprop aircraft to save money by quickly finding the lowest prices available from their multiple jet fuel discount program memberships.

    Does JetFuelX provide fuel card management for planes that use 100LL?

    No, JetFuelX only provides fuel card management service for aircraft that use Jet-A.

    How much of a discount will I get on fuel prices?

    The actual discount amount depends on many factors, including but not limited to the airport, type of aircraft, how much fuel is being purchased, and in some cases how much fuel you have purchased recently. In most cases the discount is well worth the time it takes to research fuel prices on JetFuelX and submit a fuel release for your trip.

    After I add a fuel card, how long will it take for prices to appear in my account?

    Depending on the fuel card vendor it may take from 30 minutes to 7 days for the prices provided by the fuel card to appear in your account.

    How many fuel cards can I add?

    You can add as many as you want from the list of supported fuel card vendors. If you are not a participant in a particular fuel card program, you can request to join from your JetFuelX account.

    Are the prices on my fuel cards automatically updated?

    Most fuel card vendors allow JetFuelX to automatically update the prices on your fuel cards when the vendor updates their prices, which is usually daily or weekly. However, some vendors do not allow automatic price updating - to update prices on the cards provided by these vendors you will need to manually download a .csv file containing the prices from the vendor, then upload that file to JetFuelX using the Import Prices button on the corresponding fuel card.

    What is the “Import Email” shown next to my aircraft profile?

    The import email is a unique email address that allows JetFuelX to automatically update the prices on your fuel cards. Fuel card vendors send .csv files containing updated prices to your JetFuelX import email address, allowing JetFuelX to retrieve the updated prices and display them on your account.

    If you checked the box to request automatic price updates when adding a fuel card to your account, this email address is automatically provided to the fuel card vendor. If you did not check the box but want automatic price updates, you will need to provide the vendor with the import email address and request that they send updated fuel prices to that address.

    I tried to create an account with JetFuelX but nothing seems to be happening.

    Please check your Inbox or Spam filter for an email with the subject, “JetFuelX - verify your email address”. If you can’t find that, please email

    What happens if I submit a fuel release request but then don’t fly, or don’t go to that FBO?

    As long as this is an infrequent situation, it’s likely that the fuel card vendor will not take any action. However your ongoing eligibility for participation in each vendor’s program is subject to you following the rules established by each vendor.

    Is JetFuelX integrated directly into my ForeFlight Mobile app, or ForeFlight Web account?

    No, JetFuelX is a standalone website. However, if you have a ForeFlight account you can sign in to the JetFuelX website using your ForeFlight username and password.