Support / FAQs

We hope you can find all the answers to your questions in our comprehensive FAQs. We have also created helpful videos that can answer many questions about using our apps.

    How much does ForeFlight Mobile cost to download? How much is a subscription?

    The ForeFlight Mobile app is always a free download from the app store. A subscription, however, is required to access all the features of the app.

    We offer three subscription plans for individuals: Basic Plus, Pro Plus and Performance Plus. Each plan includes data for one geographical region, such as the US or Canada, and a second region can be added to any plan for $100.

    The Basic Plus plan is $99.99, and includes all the essential ForeFlight features, including VFR sectionals and High and Low IFR Enroute charts, extensive flight planning capabilities, flight plan filing and briefing (including ForeFlight Graphical Briefing), aviation weather information, and more. The Basic Plus plan also includes the Logbook and Weight & Balance features.

    The Pro Plus plan is $199.99, and has everything that comes with the Basic Plus plan, as well as more advanced features such as geo-referenced plates and airport diagrams, Plates on Maps, Hazard Advisor™, flight plan notifications, route Profile View, and Cloud Documents, which allows you to sync documents you’ve uploaded through ForeFlight Manage to all your devices. The Pro Plus plan also includes Synthetic Vision for iPad, providing a detailed 3D terrain view. When connected to an AHRS receiver such as the Stratus 2/2S your view includes pitch/roll.

    Finally, the Performance Plus plan is $299.99, and includes everything in Pro Plus, along with advanced flight planning capabilities suitable to high-performance aircraft, including pre-configured aircraft performance profiles, highly-accurate time and fuel burn calculations, global wind-optimized routing, and the integration of JetFuelX contract fuel prices in ForeFlight.

    Your 1-Pilot ForeFlight subscription allows you to use the app simultaneously on one iPad, one iPhone, and one iPod Touch, plus a second iPad as backup. Please see How many devices can I use my subscription on? for further information.

    For business subscribers, we offer two plans: the Business Pro plan at $150 per license per year, and the Business Performance plan at $300 per license per year, with a minimum purchase of two licenses. Each license supports one iPad and one iPhone. Business Pro includes advanced features such as geo-referenced plates and airport diagrams, Plates on Maps, Hazard Advisor™, flight plan notifications, route Profile View, and Cloud Documents. Added capabilities are also provided in ForeFlight Manage, including extensive device management and chart and document compliance features, allowing an administrator to remove devices from the account, check that charts and app versions are up to date, and distribute documents to the entire fleet through the cloud. Business Performance includes all the capabilities of Business Pro, plus the advanced performance planning features that are available with the individual Performance Plus plan.

    Existing customers who upgrade to another plan through the ForeFlight website are charged only the pro-rated difference between the plan they are upgrading from and the plan they are upgrading to. Note: Upgrades or renewals made using the in-app purchase button do not have the price pro-rated, but a credit for any unused time will be added to your account. To apply the credit and extend your expiration date by a pro-rated amount, contact

    What is your subscription refund policy?

    ForeFlight Mobile subscriptions are non-refundable. For your convenience, we do offer a one time 30-day free trial for new customers to allow evaluation of ForeFlight Mobile before buying. If you downgrade from a higher value plan to a lower value plan, then you will receive a store credit for the pro-rated unused balance.

    Does my subscription automatically renew? How do I cancel?

    If you purchased a subscription through our website, it is set up to renew automatically. You can change this anytime using your online account management tool, ForeFlight Manage. Simply sign into your account and click on the 'Subscription' tab and then click 'Disable Auto-Renew'. You can also send us an email and we can disable auto-renew for you.

    If you purchased a subscription inside the app, then your subscription will not renew automatically. 2 weeks before your subscription comes due for renewal, we'll send you an email to let you know. If you decide to renew, you can purchase inside the app or directly from us through our Subscription Purchase Page. If you choose not to renew, you don't need to do anything.

    If you choose not to renew we'd appreciate an email to let us know how we can do better to meet your needs.

    What happens if I buy before my 30 day trial is finished?

    Per Apple's policy, subscriptions are new purchases and do not include any remaining time in a trial. ForeFlight subscriptions unlock features not available in the trial, like bulk downloading, so remaining time in your trial is not applied to your new subscription. If you buy a one-year subscription, it will end 12 months after the day you purchase.

    Can I still use the app after my subscription expires?

    No, you must have a valid subscription to continue using the app.

    How do I know when it's time to renew?

    One week before your subscription will expire, we'll display a message inside the app letting you know that it's time to renew. We'll also send you an email reminder. You can then purchase a subscription extension inside the app or on the web.

    Why does the app require a subscription?

    A subscription model is required in order to continuously deliver high quality radar, charts, and terminal procedure information.

    Do you offer group pricing?

    Yes - we offer group pricing for our Business Pro plan when ordering a subscription for five or more pilots. Perfect for flight departments and enterprises. View the plans page for businesses to place an order. The price breaks display automatically in your cart on check out. If you have any questions about our Business plans, please send us an email at

    I got a new iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. How do I move my subscription to the new device?

    To transfer your subscription to a new device, first unhook your old device at ForeFlight Manage™. Once signed in, click "Devices" and then click "Remove" next to the old device.

    After you have removed your unwanted device, here are instructions on how to install and activate ForeFlight Mobile over Wi-Fi:

    If needed, you can reset your password within ForeFlight Mobile by going to the 'More' page and then tap on the 'Accounts' line on the upper left. Tap on 'Sign In' on the right side of the page and then enter your account email address. Once you have done that, tap on the 'Forgot Password?' button. A new temporary password will be emailed to the email address you entered.

    What is the price outside the United States?

    Apple sets the prices for other currencies depending on the exchange rate. Please look inside the 'Accounts' tab for your local price.

    Do you offer a data package for Canada?

    Yes! We offer Canadian VFR and IFR Charts (VNA and VTA) and IFR Enroute Charts (Low and High) from NAV CANADA along with Documents like CAP GEN, Canada Flight Supplement, and Canada Water Aerodrome Supplement. Visit the ForeFlight Canada FAQ to learn more.

    Can I buy ForeFlight Desktop Edition?

    ForeFlight Desktop Edition has been replaced with our ForeFlight Web web-based flight planning platform. Learn more about ForeFlight Web here.

    Are ForeFlight gift certificates available?

    Yes! You can purchase a $300, $200, or $100 ForeFlight gift certificate at The gift certificate and a receipt for the purchase will be emailed to you; you can then forward the gift certificate email to the lucky recipient, or print it out and give it to them. The gift certificate contains a unique code that can be entered while purchasing a subscription at to apply the value of the gift certificate to the purchase.