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We hope you can find all the answers to your questions in our comprehensive FAQs. We have also created helpful videos that can answer many questions about using our apps.

    Where can I learn more about using and setting up a Weight and Balance profile for my aircraft?

    You can read the Weight and Balance Guide online or you can view it within ForeFlight Mobile by going to Documents > Catalog > ForeFlight.

    We also have an introductory Weight & Balance video that you may find helpful

    Where can I find the Weight & Balance feature within ForeFlight Mobile?

    The Weight & Balance feature is included with both the Basic Plus and Pro Plus subscription plans for individuals, and is available as an add-on for other plans. You can find the feature on the 'More' page under the 'Weight & Balance' tab.

    If you don't have Weight & Balance, you can upgrade through our Subscription Purchase Page or through your ForeFlight Manage Page.

    Will the Weight and Balance feature work for my aircraft?

    In most cases, yes! The following criteria are needed to use the Weight and Balance feature within ForeFlight Mobile:

    • Fixed-wing aircraft (lateral loading for helicopters is not currently supported).   
    • The Takeoff and landing CG limits are the same.   
    • The Flight envelope graph is weight vs. CG.   
    • You use actual passenger and luggage weights (not FAA AC 120-27D standard weights).   
    • The fuel burn can be treated as a straight line on the flight envelope graph.   
    • There is at most 1 fuel moment table (i.e. a single variable-arm fuel station).   
    • Weight limits are constant and do not vary with CG.   
    • The CG is in length units (not %MAC).

    For which aircraft are the Weight and Balance SmartOptions interview questions available?

    We are working hard to add more, but at this time the list below shows the models that are available. If your aircraft is not on this list, you can still use the Weight and Balance feature by manually entering the Arms, Moments and Stations using the information from your aircraft's POH or AFM.

    Beech 76 (Duchess)

    Cessna 172
    Cessna 172A
    Cessna 172B
    Cessna 172C
    Cessna 172D
    Cessna 172E
    Cessna 172F
    Cessna 172G
    Cessna 172H
    Cessna 172I
    Cessna 172J
    Cessna 172K
    Cessna 172L
    Cessna 172M
    Cessna 172N
    Cessna 172P
    Cessna 172Q
    Cessna 172R
    Cessna 172RG
    Cessna 172S
    Cessna 175
    Cessna 175A
    Cessna 175B
    Cessna 175C
    Cessna 182
    Cessna 182A
    Cessna 182B
    Cessna 182C
    Cessna 182D
    Cessna 182E
    Cessna 182F
    Cessna 182G
    Cessna 182H
    Cessna 182J
    Cessna 182K
    Cessna 182L
    Cessna 182M
    Cessna 182N
    Cessna 182P
    Cessna 182Q
    Cessna 182R
    Cessna 182RG
    Cessna 182S
    Cessna 182T
    Cessna 340
    Cessna 340A
    Cessna R172E
    Cessna R172G
    Cessna R172H
    Cessna R172J
    Cessna R172K
    Cessna R182
    Cessna T-41A
    Cessna T-41B
    Cessna T172
    Cessna T182
    Cessna T182T
    Cessna T41C
    Cessna TR182

    Cirrus SR20
    Cirrus SR22
    Cirrus SR22T

    Diamond DA 40
    Diamond DA 40 F
    Diamond DA 40 NG
    Diamond DA 42
    Diamond DA 42 M-NG
    Diamond DA 42 NG

    Mooney M20
    Mooney M20A
    Mooney M20B
    Mooney M20C
    Mooney M20D
    Mooney M20E
    Mooney M20F
    Mooney M20G
    Mooney M20J
    Mooney M20K
    Mooney M20L
    Mooney M20M
    Mooney M20R
    Mooney M20S
    Mooney M20TN

    Piper PA-28-140
    Piper PA-28-150
    Piper PA-28-151
    Piper PA-28-160
    Piper PA-28-161
    Piper PA-28-180
    Piper PA-28-181
    Piper PA-28-201T
    Piper PA-28-235
    Piper PA-28-236
    Piper PA-28R-180
    Piper PA-28R-200
    Piper PA-28R-201
    Piper PA-28R-201T
    Piper PA-28RT-201
    Piper PA-28RT-201T
    Piper PA-28S-160
    Piper PA-28S-180

    What information will I need to manually complete an aircraft Weight and Balance profile if I can't use the SmartOption feature?

    You will need the following items:

    General Items:
      1. Tail Number
      2. Make
      3. Model

    For each station:
      4. Station name
      5. Station arm (required)
      6. Station weight limit (if applicable)

    For the empty aircraft:
      7. Empty weight (required)
      8. Empty moment (required)(Not the Arm)

    Weight limits:
      9. Ramp
      10. Takeoff (required)
      11. Landing
      12. Zero fuel

    For each forward and aft CG limit:
      13. CG limit (required)
      14. Associated weight (required)

    If you have a variable-arm fuel tank, for each point of the fuel moment table:
      15. Associated moment

    My aircraft can be operated in both Normal and Utility categories. Can I show both categories on the same loading graph?

    No. We considered this, but because some limits can change with category, the user interface became overly complicated. To keep things simple we chose to allow only one category per Weight & Balance profile.

    You can have multiple profiles for each aircraft, so you will want to create separate profiles for each category. You can add "Normal" or "Utility" to the 'Profile Name' section to tell the profiles apart.

    Will my Weight and Balance profile sync across my devices?

    Syncing of aircraft Weight & Balance profiles across devices on your account is supported in ForeFlight Mobile version 7.2 and later. To make sure the sync feature is enabled, from within the ForeFlight Mobile app, go to MORE > SETTINGS > SYNCHRONIZE USER DATA and turn the switch to ON.

    How do I share an aircraft Weight and Balance profile with another pilot?

    ForeFlight Mobile does offer a means of emailing aircraft W&B Profiles to another device.  To do this on an iPad, follow these steps:

    1.  Go to the MORE page.

    2.  Select the WEIGHT & BALANCE option on the left side.

    3.  Select a profile you want to send to another device from the right side. When the Aircraft W&B profile is displayed, there will be a SEND TO button in the upper right corner of the screen (It looks like a square with an up arrow).

    4.  Tap on the SEND TO button.  

    5.  Tap on MAIL

    6.  Enter an email address in the TO: line that is accessible on the other device.

    7.  Select the SEND button in the upper right.

    Now, go to the other device and check for the email. Once you find it, open it up. In the first paragraph of the email is a blue hyperlinked section of text that you will want to tap on. It will be the same as the name of your Aircraft W&B Profile. The Aircraft W&B Profile will open in ForeFlight and will now be saved for use on the other device.

    To send a Weight & Balance profile from an iPhone, navigate to the W&B page by tapping Menu, then scrolling down and tapping Weight & Balance. Select the aircraft profile you want to send from the dropdown menu at the top, tap the Summary tab in the bottom right, then tap the Send To button in the top right to email, copy, or print the profile.

    How do I get a PDF copy of my Loading Summary?

    With the aircraft Weight & Balance profile showing, tap the 'Send-to' button in the upper right corner and choose 'Mail.' The email includes a PDF copy of the Loading Summary.

    Why is the Center of Gravity envelope distorted or squished off to the right side and it shows way out of CG?

    You will want to start by checking two things in your Weight & Balance setup:

    1. Please be sure you entered a Moment value in the 'Empty Aircraft' section on the Weight & Balance setup page. Most setup values are Arms (in.), but this particular line requires a Moment (in-lb.) value.

    2. The other possibility that could cause this problem is that the the Pilot's Operating Handbook (POH) sometimes shows empty moment divided by 100 or 1,000, to keep the numbers smaller (this just simplifies viewing and working with the numbers). You may need to multiply the moment value of the POH by 100 or even 1000. If you know the Arm for this value, you can simply multiply the Arm by the Weight to get the Moment (Arm x Weight = Moment).

    See page 14 of the Weight and Balance in ForeFlight Mobile guide (also available within ForeFlight Mobile under Documents > Catalog > ForeFlight in the iPad) for more details.