ForeFlight for Student Pilots

Aug. 24, 2022   


Join Susan DeCastro and Chris Mauser as they discuss the benefits of incorporating ForeFlight into flight training from the student’s perspective. ForeFlight can help demonstrate and reinforce fundamental aviation concepts, provide greater inflight safety and confidence, and help students stay organized with Logbook, Documents, and more.

Using ForeFlight in Flight Instruction

Watch Thomas Daugherty and Susan DeCastro - both ForeFlight experts and CFIs - explain how flight instructors can integrate ForeFlight into their training plans to help students learn aviation concepts and be better prepared for a future in flight.

Instructor Tools

ForeFlight Logbook allows flight instructors to save their information and easily issue and track student endorsements using the Instructor Tools feature.

ForeFlight for Student Pilots

Join Kendall Stovall and Alex McMillan, both ForeFlight experts and active CFIs, as they explain what every student pilot needs to know about ForeFlight. They will walk you through setting up an aircraft and weight & balance, finding and uploading documents, and other features needed to plan your first flight. Kendall and Alex will also point out helpful features to help users on any subscription plan get the most out of ForeFlight.

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