ForeFlight 12.9 
Now Available!

This release includes new ScratchPad templates for Takeoff, Landing, and Holding patterns.


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New ScratchPad Templates

The new Takeoff, Landing, and Holding ScratchPad templates offer convenient places to quickly jot down important information before takeoff, landing, or when given a holding clearance.

Tap the Plus button in the top right or at bottom of the ScratchPads view to start filling out a new template. ScratchPads sync between all of your devices when connected to the internet.

Takeoff Template

The Takeoff template allows you to note information relevant to your takeoff such as V-speeds, departure clearance, runway elevation and length, weather conditions, emergency return factors, and more.

Landing Template

The Landing template includes fields similar to Takeoff such as V-speeds, local conditions, and clearance information.

Holding Template

The Holding template provides a simple but effective way to jot down information about a holding clearance as a controller reads it out to you.