ForeFlight 12.8 
Now Available!

This release includes additional Aeronautical Map Waypoints, Commercial Progress Reports in Logbook, a TAA setting for Logbook Aircraft, and more. 


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Additional Aeronautical Map Waypoints

ForeFlight’s Aeronautical Map now displays many types of waypoints not associated with airways, including off-route intersections, oceanic waypoints, and others. The new waypoints are included in both the High and Low Airspace layers in Map Settings > Airways, and appear when either layer is enabled.

Commercial Progress Reports In Logbook

Track your progress towards your Commercial ASEL checkride with this auto-filled PDF report based on the FAA’s requirements outlined in FAR Part 61. ForeFlight uses details from your logged flights in different aircraft to indicate your progress in each of the requirements, adding a green check mark to each once you complete it.

TAA Setting for Logbook Aircraft

Designate “Technically Advanced Aircraft” in Logbook > Aircraft to log time in these aircraft in accordance with the FAA’s newly-widened definition. Flights in a TAA-designated aircraft may be logged in lieu of, or in combination with, flights in a complex or turbine-powered airplane to satisfy certain training requirements.

PDC Via Honeywell

If you are a customer of Honeywell datalink services you can now receive mobile pre-departure clearances (PDC) for your filed flight plans via email and text. Mobile PDC delivery is available at over 70 major U.S. airports, allowing you to skip the clearance calls and get the runway faster. Visit to enable mobile PDC via ForeFlight for any aircraft on your account.

Mobile PDC is available with ForeFlight Performance plans.

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