ForeFlight Goes to Eleven!

Crank up your flight planning with the new interactive Airport 3D View. Also in this release: inflight Breadcrumbs, Graphical AIRMETs via ADS-B, and more.


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Explore Airports From a New Perspective

Airport 3D View is an interactive preview that combines terrain and aerial imagery to help you get familiar with new airports anywhere in the world. Whether you're preparing for a challenging approach or daydreaming about new places to fly, 3D View provides new and unique vantage points that prepare you for the real thing.

Airport 3D View is included with ForeFlight's Performance Plus plan.

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Watch the video

Watch the Video

Follow Your Flight with Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are an extension of ForeFlight’s Track Log capability allowing you to see the track log as it’s recorded, leaving a continuous line that you can reference for maneuvers, Search and Rescue and survey work, or just to see where you’ve been.

Graphical AIRMETs via ADS-B

Access the FAA’s new graphical AIRMETs in ForeFlight when you fly with a compatible ADS-B receiver, helping you stay aware of potentially dangerous weather as it develops. Filter to show G-AIRMETS by type, and use the time slider to filter based on effective times.

Explore ADS-B Connectivity

Fast, Helpful Logbook Search

  • Search for entries based on comments, flight tags, or aircraft equipment type.
  • View a person’s details in Logbook > People to see all entries they are associated with.
  • When you create a new flight using the “Add Next Entry” button, any people on the first flight are carried over to the next one.

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KMZ File Support

ForeFlight now supports importing and displaying KMZ files as Custom Map Layers or in Content Packs. KMZ files are similar to KML files, but provide greater flexibility with support for custom icons, bundled KML layers in a single KMZ file, and support for rich text formatting within a placemark’s description.

Visit our Content Packs support page to learn more about importing custom content.

New Settings Filter

There are so many ways to customize your ForeFlight experience, and now there’s an easier way to find just the App Setting you are looking for. Go to the More > Settings view and use the "Filter" text box at the top to quickly search and find Settings by name.

Charts for the Netherlands, Denmark, and Faroe Islands

Our Europe coverage takes another step forward with AIPs for three new countries and optional VFR add-ons:

  • AIPs for the Netherlands, Denmark, and the Faroe Islands included with Europe region
  • DFS Visual 500 charts for the Netherlands and Denmark
  • Jeppesen VFR procedure charts for the Netherlands and Denmark

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