ForeFlight 12.2 
Now Available!

This release includes 3D Approach Preview, Mountain Passes and other Basemap elements, Quick-Access Airspace Frequencies, and more.  


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3D Approach Preview

3D Preview displays markers for each waypoint in your route, including labeled approach fixes, allowing you to better visualize every step of your approach down to the runway. 3D Preview also features an interactive navlog, allowing you to view each waypoint and the distances between them and quickly jump to any leg in the flight. 3D Preview is included in ForeFlight Performance plans. 


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Quick-Access Airspace Frequencies

Easily locate Jeppesen-sourced frequencies for many kinds of controlled airspace for quicker inflight access and reduced workload. Tap into the details of an airspace to reveal all of its associated frequencies.

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Watch the Video

Mountain Passes & Other Basemap Elements

ForeFlight’s High Resolution Basemap includes new terrain and cultural elements such as mountain passes, highway labels, and additional bodies of water for improved inflight reference. Download the High Resolution Basemap for any region on Earth in More > Downloads.