ForeFlight 11.2 is Here!

Let your passengers follow along with our new companion app, Passenger. Also, see your route line in Profile View, hide airspace by altitude, access 3D View anywhere, and more. 


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New Passenger App

Passenger is the new companion app to ForeFlight Mobile that allows your passengers to follow along with the flight and answers the question “Are we there yet?” Available on the App Store now, Passenger is free to download and requires no setup. Your travel companions will be able to view the route of flight overlaid on the map, real-time aircraft position, speed, altitude, estimated time of arrival, and more - right on their own iPad or iPhone.

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Watch the video

Watch the video

Route Line in Profile View

Now you can see your planned route in Profile view in the Maps tab, complete with climb and descent profiles, top of climb and top of descent points, and real-time inflight progress. Zoom in and pan along your route to get a better sense of where potential hazards and airspace are.

Profile View is included with Pro plans and above.

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Hide Airspace by Altitude

Declutter ForeFlight's Aeronautical Map by hiding airspace above a selected altitude, making it easier to focus on airspace closer to you. Combined with other airspace features like Auto Highlight and selectable airspace types, customizing the map to show only the most relevant airspace is easier than ever.

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3D View, Anywhere

Access 3D View for any location on Earth, not just airports. The combination of high-resolution terrain and aerial imagery allows you to see a realistic representation of anywhere on the map. Tap-hold on the map and tap the 3D button in the upper-right corner to begin exploring.

3D View is included with the Performance Plus plan.

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Send Block Times to Logbook

Simplify your flight logging by sending block times (Out, Off, On, In) to Logbook from either your filed flight plans or recorded track logs. Enter the information in the Flight Log at the bottom of the Flights view and send the flight to Logbook, or let ForeFlight automatically record your flights and create new draft logbook entries from track log. ForeFlight also now shows block time data for all recorded track logs.

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Expanded European Coverage for Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia

European subscribers can now download AIPs for Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia, along with the following optional add-ons for VFR flying.

  • Italy Avioportolano VFR Chart & Flight Guide
  • Italy & Croatia DFS VFR 500 Charts
  • Slovenia Rogers Data VFR Trip Kit & 1:200k Chart
  • Air Million VFR 1:1,000,000 Charts for most of Europe

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Gogo ATG Support

Gogo's ATG and AVANCE line of inflight Wi-Fi systems can now provide GPS position and indicated altitude in ForeFlight. Limit expensive data usage over Gogo's network by disabling ForeFlight's internet-connected capabilities like streamed weather data.

Gogo inflight connectivity is included with ForeFlight Performance plans.

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