ForeFlight 13.6 
Now Available!

This release includes Obstacles in 3D View, Track Log trimming with Edit mode, optimized weather downloads in Pack, and more.


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Obstacles in 3D View

Identify potential hazards along your route and establish a mental picture of final approach with a toggleable Obstacles layer in 3D View. Every view within the 3D Suite supports obstacles: 3D Airports, 3D Anywhere, 3D Preview, and 3D Review, and ForeFlight displays three types of obstacles: buildings (shaped like rectangles), towers (shaped like cylinders), and windmills. Enabling Night Mode in 3D lights are red by default, but may also be white. 3D Preview helps you identify potentially hazardous obstacles within 1 nautical mile of your route by highlighting them with yellow or red stripes based on your current Hazard Altitude settings (1000’ vertically for yellow and 100’ vertically for red, by default).

3D View with Obstacles is included in ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.

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Track Log Editing

Edit your recorded Track Logs to more accurately reflect the beginning and end of your flights and automatically update Logbook entries. Enter Edit mode by tapping the Edit button in the bottom-right corner of the Track Log Graph, then drag the blue bars on the left and right sides of the graph to move the track log’s start and end points. Track Log editing is non-destructive, so you can revert your changes or make additional edits at any time simply by tapping the Edit button again. If a Track Log is associated with a Logbook draft entry, trimming the track log will automatically update the auto-filled fields in the Logbook entry.

Optimized Weather Downloads in Pack

Packing before your flight now requires a smaller download for weather by limiting the extent of the Icing, Turbulence, and Cloud Coverage layers downloaded to only areas that overlap with your route. Both the U.S.-only and Global versions of each layer are packed for flights within the U.S., giving you more forecast information for inflight reference while drastically cutting down the required download size.

Jeppesen Chart Index Numbers

View the chart index number along with a chart’s name for linked or purchased Jeppesen coverages to quickly find the right procedure. Chart index numbers are shown in Airport Procedures, the Maps Sidebar, and the Plates view. Enable this setting at the bottom of More > Jeppesen.

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Notification Preferences

Opt-in to receive notifications about new feature releases, special offers on subscriptions, events, training, and more by enabling Marketing Push Notifications in More > Account > Notifications.

New Rogers VFR Chart Coverages

New Rogers Data VFR 500k charts for Serbia and the Baltics are now available as add-ons to any European ForeFlight subscription. All the new charts are included at no additional cost in the Rogers Data Full Europe chart combo add-on, while Serbia is included in the existing Southeast Europe chart combo, and charts for the Baltics are available by themselves in a new chart combo add-on.

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Background Downloads Setting

Optionally disable background downloads to prevent them from being interrupted and restarting due to a slow or spotty internet connection. The switch to disable Background Downloads is available in More > Settings > Downloads, just below the Automatic Downloads setting switch.