Jeppesen FliteStar Customers:
Guide to ForeFlight

Transition to ForeFlight Mobile

Since the Boeing acquisition of ForeFlight, the Jeppesen and ForeFlight teams have worked together to establish ForeFlight as the premiere flight planning and inflight solution across the General and Business Aviation markets. Moving forward, the Jeppesen FliteStar application will be replaced with ForeFlight.

ForeFlight offers an innovative platform that matches and exceeds the capabilities of FliteStar, with flight plan syncing between mobile and web, interactive weather, state-of-the-art hazard awareness features, document management, avionics connectivity, and so much more.

Support for the Jeppesen FliteStar application has officially ended as of December 31, 2020.

Subscription Plans to Match Your Flying

We recommend different ForeFlight subscription plans depending on which FliteStar product you use to ensure you get the capabilities you need while maximizing value.

FliteStar VFR & IFR Customers

We recommend that customers of FliteStar’s VFR and IFR products move to ForeFlight’s Pro Plus subscription plan, our most popular among GA pilots. This plan has all the essentials for VFR and IFR flying alike, along with safety-enhancing inflight features like Synthetic Vision, Profile View with terrain and airspace, Icing and Turbulence map layers, and more.

FliteStar Corporate Customers

We recommend that customers of FliteStar’s Corporate product move to ForeFlight’s Performance Plus subscription plan, our highest tier of service. This plan unlocks ForeFlight’s industry-leading performance planning capabilities with improved time and fuel calculations, optimized autorouting, 3D visualization for airports and flights, and more.


Part of a flight department or charter operation?

We recommend that multi-pilot FliteStar Corporate accounts move to our Business Performance subscription plan and ForeFlight Dispatch, which adds powerful multi-pilot account administration and collaboration tools to ForeFlight’s Performance Plus plan. Email our Sales team at to learn more and schedule a live demo of Business Performance and Dispatch.

ForeFlight Subscription Plans Overview

ForeFlight offers three plan levels for individual pilots: Basic Plus, Pro Plus, and Performance Plus.

View All Plans & Pricing

All Individuals plans include the choice of one region (additional regions can be added for an additional cost):

  • US (includes FAA VFR & IFR charts, procedure plates, Chart Supplement, and documents)
  • Canada (includes NAV CANADA VFR & IFR charts, procedure plates, CFS, and documents)
  • Europe (includes AIPs via EUROCONTROL, plus Jeppesen VFR navigation data)

ForeFlight also offers two plan levels for Business Aviation Operators. Click here for more information on these plans.

What's New in ForeFlight

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High Resolution Basemap

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ForeFlight Dispatch

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Files in Flights

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Fast, Efficient Flight Planning

Planning to get from A to B used to be a chore. Not any longer. ForeFlight Mobile is designed to boost the speed and efficiency of your planning, briefing, and filing workflow. ForeFlight gives you the flexibility to use graphical Touch Planning™ on the Maps view or the full-featured form-based planner in the Flights view. Be sure to add performance data to your aircraft profile for better fuel consumption and wind-adjusted flight time.

File & Brief

File days ahead of time, amend plans, activate and close VFR flight plans, and get instant, comprehensive, recorded weather briefings.

Touch Planning

Drag. Drop. Fly. It's that easy. ForeFlight Mobile's Touch Planning feature puts you in control of where you go and how you get there. All with a single tap.

Flight Notifications 

Receive in-app notifications when conditions along your route of flight change between when you filed and your departure time.

Procedure Advisor

Select and visualize Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs), Standard Terminal Arrivals (STARs), and even traffic pattern entries. Easily add any procedure to your route with a tap.

Altitude Advisor

Where is the best tailwind? Altitude Advisor knows. See wind strength, direction, and re-computed total time and fuel burn for every altitude.

Graphical Route Advisor

A visual preview of automatically computed route options recently assigned or cleared by ATC, official preferred routes between airports, and terminal enroute control routes.

Flight Plan Filing

File your IFR or VFR flight plan in seconds, from within the app or on the web. Our dual AFTN connections on two continents ensure reliability in transmitting filed flight plans.
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IFR flight plan filing is supported in the U.S. and its territories, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia, and all EUROCONTROL member states.

ForeFlight also supports filing intra-Canada and cross-border VFR flight plans between the US and Canada. Broader support for VFR filing via EUROCONTROL is coming soon.

Plan, File & Brief on the Web

ForeFlight’s powerful flight planning capabilities are available wherever you need them. File your flight plan in just a few clicks and generate ForeFlight’s Graphical Briefing right in your web browser.

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Maps & Charts

ForeFlight offers a wide range VFR, IFR, and specialty charts, including: ICAO Charts, Terminal Area Charts, VFR Flyways, Helicopter, Grand Canyon, and more. You're covered, whatever or wherever you fly.
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All the VFR & IFR Charts You Need

VFR and IFR charts from the FAA, NAV CANADA, EUROCONTROL, as well as other sources to give you everything you need for any type of flying.


Find useful information at every zoom level with this customizable, data-driven map layer, complete with embedded airport diagrams.


Get the full picture with dozens of interactive map layers for weather, hazards, surface maps, fuel prices, and imported custom content.


SIDs, STARs, and geo-referenced approaches and taxi charts help you find your way in the air and on the ground.



Greater Than the Sum of its Charts

Jeppesen's global library of terminal procedures and data-driven VFR and IFR enroute charts are available as an option in all ForeFlight Mobile subscription plans.

Jeppesen for Individuals
Jeppesen for Business

Better Weather & Briefings

A rich library of weather products and a one-of-a-kind graphical preflight briefing will get you to your destination faster, safer, and probably a bit drier.
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From animated radar to graphical AIR/SIGMETs to global Winds Aloft, over a dozen map overlays ou exactly where the weather is in relation to your planned route.


Hundreds of detailed current conditions and forecast weather imagery products at your fingertips.


Translated text and full-color graphics help you better understand and consume briefing information.


Global Hazard Awareness Technology

No sneak peaks. ForeFlight Mobile features a variety of hazard avoidance technologies that use Jeppesen’s global high-resolution terrain and obstacle data to provide pilots with better situational awareness and safety, anywhere they fly.
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Hazard Advisor highlights hazardous terrain and obstacles nearby. The display is updated constantly based on GPS altitude and position.


Profile view takes our Hazard Advisor feature into vertical mode and gives you a side view of terrain and obstacles along your planned route or ahead of your aircraft.


ForeFlight Synthetic vision is the most widely used mobile synthetic vision system. Fast, elegant, and precise, with features like night mode and luminous terrain.