Military pilots with demanding missions deserve to fly with the world’s most advanced aviation app. With every release, ForeFlight MFB delivers new capabilities that enhance the safety of navigation and mission effectiveness.

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What's New in ForeFlight MFB

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Avian Hazards

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User Waypoint Range Rings

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Military Flight Bag One

Bring the power of the mission planning system into the cockpit with ForeFlight’s most advanced subscription plan built for military aviators. Combining complex mission planning capabilities - from aerial refueling to JET briefing requests - with your existing data and workflows, MFB One takes integrated military flight planning to a whole new level.

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WEBINAR: Military Flight Bag One

Watch ForeFlight’s Military Flight Bag team demonstrate MFB One, the new top-tier subscription plan for military pilots that puts the power of a mission planning system on your iPad. 

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Powerful Tools for Safer, More Efficient Military Flight Operations

ForeFlight MIlitary Flight Bag is an enhanced version of the ForeFlight Mobile integrated flight application that supports the global flight operations of military and government pilots. ForeFlight MFB gives aviators all the tools they need for any mission: flight planning, weather, briefing, filing, checklist, and more – all in a user-friendly interface that simplifies planning, briefing, and flying workflows.

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“With short-notice re-taskings, I could do the tactical mission planning entirely from ForeFlight. I briefed the Apaches on the terrain and obstacle profiles, and the waypoint setup was awesome.”

— AFSOC AC-130 Pilot

ForeFlight MFB Plans

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All the essentials for military flight planning, filing, flying, and logging, plus inflight situational awareness features, geo-referenced approach plates and taxi charts, and Plates on Maps.

Everything in MFB Pro...

Plus military aircraft performance profiles*, 557th Weather Wing icing and turbulence layers*, fuel load planning and limit checks, augmented procedures, marked positions and much more.

Everything in MFB Performance...

Plus advanced mission planning features like Time on Target™, Enroute Fuel Changes, Air Force Weather Briefs*, DoD Obstacles*, and more.

*For approved customers subject to the National GEOINT Agency (NGA) Aeronautical Data License Agreement.

Purchasing For Individual Pilots (US DOD)

As an individual US military pilot, you can purchase ForeFlight MFB for the US with DOD data directly through the ForeFlight website. First, you'll need to verify your email address. Click the button on the left to begin the authentication process. For MFB International customers, click the button on the right to request a quote for pricing.

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Purchasing For Multi-Pilot Accounts

Multi-pilot accounts are great for crews who wish to manage ForeFlight access for two or more pilots in a single administrative interface. Establishing a shared group account enables helpful administrative control features. EFB managers can log in to ForeFlight’s web-based dashboard to add or remove users and devices, monitor data and software currency compliance on each device, and easily distribute documents to every pilot’s iPad.

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Time On Target™

Time on Target™ is a powerful cockpit tool that gets you where you need to be at precisely the right time. Store a series of to-the-second times on navigation points, and see feedback about the required groundspeed to arrive at a precise time. Whether you're meeting a contact time or performing a stadium flyover, Time on Target is the perfect addition to any flight bag.

Global Data & Chart Coverage

ForeFlight MFB integrates the global data set of the DAFIF, AQP pages, and D-FLIP terminal procedures, airport diagrams, and enroute charts, all within the ForeFlight app.

MFB also includes the full library of VFR charts, IFR High and Low Enroutes, SIDs, STARs, approach plates, airport diagrams, A/FD, and CFS from the FAA and NAV CANADA, global mission planning charts, data-driven Aeronautical Maps, and optional Jeppesen chart library integration.


Geo-Referenced Approach Plates

For greater situational awareness, the library of D-FLIP, FAA, and NAVCANADA terminal procedures and airport diagrams is geo-referenced so that you can view your aircraft ownship position right on the chart.

Plates on Maps

Plates on Maps allows you to view geo-referenced approach plates and airport diagrams overlaid onto the maps view, along with hazards and weather in one seamless view.

Worldwide Military Mission Planning Charts

ForeFlight offers the only mobile solution to download and display the complete library of Joint Operations Graphics (JOG), Tactical Pilot Charts (TPC), Operational Navigation Charts (ONC), and Range charts. The charts use the newest format standard in military digital chart technology: Enhanced Compression Raster Graphics (ECRG), and when combined with ForeFlight's compression process technology, the results are faster over-the-air (wireless) downloads, less storage space, higher resolution, and quicker load times. An innovative Graphical Chart Manager makes it easy to select and download large areas of chart coverage.

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"Our crews up have conducted several amazing SAR cases during extreme winter conditions utilizing ForeFlight not only as a flight planning tool, but also to increase situational awareness during the flight. The self position, obstacles, profile view, and other functions have been extremely valuable while navigating over both water and land low level."

— USCG Aviation Forces

Military Training Routes

View Instrument, Slow, and Visual US D0D Military Training Routes individually or together on the map. Then, dynamically route through them using ForeFlight’s patented routing algorithm and file them electronically with Air Traffic Control using DD-1801 filing with automatic filing remarks support.

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Aerial Refueling Tracks & Enroute Fuel Changes

View and use Aerial Refueling Tracks for training and operations around the world. Find your assigned track with easy search, view details such as frequencies and scheduling, and watch as ForeFlight’s routing engine integrates them into your route effortlessly. Then, file AR Tracks electronically with ATC with auto-filled remarks.


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Import .CRD Flight Plan Files

Import your .CRD flight plan files from mission planning systems like JMPS, CFPS, and PFPS and view them directly on ForeFlight’s map. The .CRD import will automatically add local points for later use.

Official Briefings & Weather from 557th Weather Wing

ForeFlight Military Flight Bag integrates weather data from the 557th Weather Wing, the official weather source for the U.S. Air Force and Army. View official DoD METARs, TAFs, icing, and turbulence all over the world. ForeFlight MFB One connects to the USAF Joint Environmental Toolkit (JET) weather briefing system, letting you use your ForeFlight flight plan to request and receive official DD-175-1 from professional Air Force meteorologists with ease.

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Search & Rescue Including Offline Address Search

Conduct safer, more effective search and rescue operations using ForeFlight’s MFB’s pre-set SAR patterns and grids, including address search for disaster response. MFB Performance plans and higher include offline address search within the US, maintaining capability without internet connectivity.