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On the ground and in the air, pilots worldwide depend on ForeFlight for flight planning, charts, weather, airport information, document management, synthetic vision, and more.

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Maps & Charts

ForeFlight goes way beyond just the basics, with a wide range of specialty charts - helicopter, Grand Canyon, VFR flyways, Terminal Area Charts, World Aeronautical Charts, and more. You're covered, whatever or wherever you fly.

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World Street and Satellite

World, Street & Aerial

Our surface maps help you get oriented with country boundaries, rivers, lakes, and cities



Charts from the FAA and NAV CANADA for the mainland USA, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.

Approach Charts

Approach Charts

SIDs, STARs, and geo-referenced approaches from FAA, NAV CANADA, and the US Department of Defense.

Taxi Charts

Taxi Charts

A full library of geo-referenced taxi charts helps you find your way on the ground.

Better Weather

A rich library of weather products to get you to your destination faster, safer, and probably a bit drier.

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Radar & Satellite

Elegantly contoured composite radar, storm tracks, upper air rotation, tornado activity, and hail.

Global Graphical Winds Aloft

Instantly see forecast winds at any altitude for any point on the planet. Seriously useful and seriously cool.

New! MOS Forecasts

An enhanced forecast with more airport coverage than TAFs that blends multiple NWS models for an hour by hour forecast up to 72hrs in advance.

Flight Planning

Planning to get from A to B used to be a chore. Not any longer. Use ForeFlight Mobile’s graphical Touch Planning™ or text-based editor to plan your route. Add aircraft performance data for better fuel consumption and wind-adjusted flight times.

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Touch Planning

Touch Planning™

Drag. Drop. Fly. It's that easy. ForeFlight Mobile's Touch Planning feature puts you in control of where you go and how you get there. All with a single tap.

File and Brief

File & Brief

File days ahead of time, amend plans, activate and close VFR flight plans, and get instant, comprehensive, recorded weather briefings.

Flight Notifications

Flight Notifications

Receive in-app notifications when conditions along your route of flight change between when you filed and your departure time.

Route Advisor

Route Advisor™

A selection of automatically computed airway routes, routes recently flown by other aircraft or assigned by ATC, official preferred routes between airports, and terminal enroute control routes.

Altitude Advisor

Altitude Advisor™

Where’s the best tailwind? Altitude Advisor™ knows. See wind strength, direction, and re-computed total time and fuel burn for every altitude.

Procedure Advisor

Procedure Advisor™

Select and visualize Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs), Standard Terminal Arrivals (STARs), and even traffic pattern entries. Easily add any procedure to your route with a tap.



The paperless cockpit is here.

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Get rid of your paper

Load flight manuals, checklists, operating handbooks, and more. Organize, annotate, highlight, search, and share documents with copilots. ForeFlight even supports document syncing with Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Box.

FAR, AIM, and everything in between.

A comprehensive library of documents from FAA and NAV CANADA is included for free. Instrument handbooks, airport and facility directories, supplementals, weather handbooks, and more.

Hazard Avoidance

No sneak peaks. ForeFlight Mobile features a variety of hazard avoidance technologies to provide pilots with better situational awareness and safety.

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Synthetic Vision

Synthetic Vision

ForeFlight Synthetic vision is the most widely used mobile synthetic vision system. Fast, elegant, and precise, with features like night mode and luminous terrain.

Hazard Advisor

Hazard Advisor

Hazard Advisor highlights hazardous terrain and obstacles nearby. The display is updated constantly based on GPS altitude and position.

Terrain Profile

Terrain Profile

Profile view takes our Hazard Advisor feature into vertical mode and gives you a side view of terrain and obstacles along your planned route or ahead of your aircraft.

Find Your Balance

The best weight and balance feature in a comprehensive flight support app. Pre-loaded with over 100 aircraft models for easier setup.

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Our weight and balance configuration technology walks you through an interview, helping you build the perfect setup using your aircraft’s type certificate information.

Downloads & Data

With ForeFlight, staying up to date with the latest charts and plates is easy. Simply select the types of data you want, the areas you want it for, and tap "Download." When the FAA or NAV CANADA issues new data, the app will notify you and allow you to update with just a tap.

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Delta Downloads

Delta Downloads

ForeFlight’s Delta Downloads™ technology results in 4X faster downloads and 70% less disk space, giving you more room on your devices for songs, movies, books, and your flying photos.



Going on a long cross country? Pack makes sure you have the charts, NOTAMs, weather, fuel prices, and airport information you need.

Worldwide Navigation Data

Worldwide Navigation Data

ForeFlight delivers best-in-class navigation data that covers the globe. Worldwide airports, navigation aids, airspace, airway, SID/STAR, and approach procedure data are all included.



With at-a-glance weather, ADS-B on your wrist, customizable flight instruments, flight notifications, timers, and more, ForeFlight for Apple watch is a great way to get up to the minute information on the ground and in flight.

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Fanatical Pilot Support™

We’re here to help. Every Pilot Support Team member is a pilot and ForeFlight expert.

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