Quality Assurance & Flight Data Monitoring

Flight Data Analysis unlocks the power of FOQA and FDM for light aircraft operators in Business and General Aviation, extracting fleet-wide insights from minimal data sources and delivering immediate feedback to pilots.



Visualize Aggregated Data With A Customizable Experience

Easily visualize aggregated fleet data to expose flying trends before they lead to incidents, configure and customize what triggers an exceedance based on SOPs, and promptly identify and isolate safety events with automated emails sent to designated safety personnel following an exceedance.


  • Customize exceedance parameters
  • Automated post-flight analysis emails sent to pilots
  • Anonymized flight reports sent to designated safety personnel
  • Secure and cost-effective


The Flight Data Analysis Dashboard

Flight safety personnel have access to a real-time, interactive dashboard that provides them with a comprehensive view of operational trends and adherence to critical safety standards and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Admins and safety personnel can actively explore aggregated data and delve into specific aspects through dynamic drill-downs and queries, giving them a deeper understanding of the information.

Flight Analyzer

Conduct deep-dive investigations of particular flights using our patented flight analyzer to isolate moments in time and relive the flight experience.

Exceedances Highlighted In Debrief

The integration with CloudAhoy Debrief provides an efficient way to identify the root cause of safety events, increase pilots’ safety awareness, and facilitate learning and improvements for the individual pilot and for the organization. Potential Safety events are automatically identified and isolated for easy review.

Post Flight Email

Automated emails provide pilots with a summary and detailed analysis after every flight, complete with a total Flight Score out of 100, while safety officers and program managers are notified by email only when a safety event is detected.

  • Flight Score: Your overall score for your flight is displayed so you can determine where there is room for improvement.
  • Flight Summary: Flight totals for how many takeoffs, landings, instrument approaches, etc. were made.
  • Fuel Use: Displays estimates on how much fuel was used for the entire flight, while airborne, and remaining fuel after the flight.
  • Supplementary Information: Total mileage in air and on the ground, engine totals, and more.


"Working with CloudAhoy, we have been able to create a program that aggregates trend data like the airlines, but importantly adds a pilot-oriented feedback report sent immediately upon landing after each flight. This allows pilots to benefit from the group trends while also tracking their own flight outcomes for continuous improvement and safety, a first-of-its-kind capability in the FOQA world."

—Charlie Precourt, Safety Committee Chair for Citation Jet Pilots Association