ForeFlight Web

Plan your flights online right in your web browser, with no additional software required. Routes are automatically synced to ForeFlight Mobile. From there, send directly to your panel via ForeFlight Connect. Flight planning has never been easier.

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ForeFlight Web

Web to Panel. An Industry First.

Plan your flights right in your web browser, automatically sync to ForeFlight Mobile, and once you're in the cockpit, use ForeFlight Connect to sync directly to your panel! The elegance and convenience of ForeFlight Web is simply unmatched.

All the Maps You Expect

All the maps you've come to expect on ForeFlight Mobile are already on ForeFlight Web - and they're always up to date.

World, Street & Aerial

Our surface maps help you get oriented with country boundaries, rivers, lakes, and cities

FAA VFR & IFR Charts

Full FAA VFR and IFR High and Low coverage for the mainland USA, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Nav Canada VNC & IFR Charts

For Canada Pro subscribers, a full library of Nav Canada VNC, IFR High, and IFR Low charts.


Powerful Flight Planning

The same powerful flight planning engine in ForeFlight Mobile is now available on the web.


Smarter Search

Our new route search engine autocompletes results based on waypoint names or identifiers. It's fast. Really fast.



Routes planned in the NavLog automatically sync to ForeFlight Mobile - and vice versa!


At a Glance Information

We've redesigned our popovers for even better readability. Information is presented instantly and easily.


Up to the Minute TFRs

ForeFlight Web pulls in both active, inactive, and upcoming TFR data from the FAA and automatically draws the relevant restrictions directly on top of the map. Inactive TFRs are yellow, active TFRs are red. Clicking on a TFR provides the full FAA text of the TFR.

Stadium TFRs

Figuring out when and where Stadium TFRs are active can be a pain. Fortunately, ForeFlight monitors event schedules for Major League Baseball, the National Football League, NCAA Football, Indy Car, NASCAR Sprint Cup, and Formula 1 and integrates that information into the TFR layer in ForeFlight Web.

In-Depth Weather

All of the core weather features in ForeFlight Mobile are also available in ForeFlight Web. From AIRMETs to radar, it's all available at a click.



Animated, high resolution NEXRAD composite radar, complete with lightning strike, rotation detection, and storm tracks.


Infrared Satellite

Animated high resolution infrared satellite imagery.

Flight Categories

Flight Categories

Color coded flight categories based on current weather reports.



AIRMETs and SIGMETs are plotted directly on the map. Simply click on one for full details.



Color coded temperatures, plotted right on the map, based on current conditions.

Dewpoint Spread

Dewpoint Spread

Quickly see dewpoint spread information, color coded based on the likelihood of adverse conditions.

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ForeFlight Web is currently in limited beta. If you would like to help us bring ForeFlight to the web, then fill out the form below to request a beta invite.

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