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Meet Sentry Plus, the latest in portable receivers.

The best gets better with new features such as automatic on-device track logging, g-Load meter, support for FLARM traffic, and much more, all with an even longer battery life. Sentry Plus is available for purchase in Europe from SkyFox and CAE Aviation Pilot Shop.

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The Essential, Integrated Flight App for VFR & IFR Pilots

ForeFlight offers pilots who fly in Europe the powerful combination of EUROCONTROL-integrated planning and filing capabilities, weather visualization tools, state-of-the-art hazard awareness features, and Jeppesen’s world-class data and charts in one integrated app.

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ForeFlight’s proprietary map engine gives the app its signature speed and fluidity.
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EUROCONTROL-validated autorouting is easy with the interactive Graphical Route Advisor.
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Direct AFTN connection provides fast and unlimited access to filing flight plans with EUROCONTROL.
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Access a wide selection of interactive weather layers to quickly see how conditions will affect your route of flight.
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Data to Meet Your Needs

Essential charts and data are included, and flexible add-ons are available to suit your preference. ForeFlight currently includes AIP coverage for twenty-seven European countries, with more countries coming soon.

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Charts and data included in ForeFlight subscription plans with the Europe region:

Jeppesen VFR & IFR Navigation Data

Integrated seamlessly into ForeFlight's Aeronautical map, VFR and IFR navigation data dynamically appears as you pan and zoom.

IFR Enroute Charts

Access geo-referenced IFR High and Low enroute charts sourced from national AIP providers via EUROCONTROL.

Procedures & Aerodrome Charts

View departure, arrival, and geo-referenced approach and aerodrome charts sourced from national AIP providers via EUROCONTROL.


Download, bookmark, and annotate flight supplements like airway manuals and regulatory documents, and easily import your own content.

Available add-ons to your ForeFlight subscription:

VFR AIPs & Charts

Enhance your VFR planning and flying with VFR ICAO charts, VFR procedures, and documents from national AIP providers and private chart-makers, including Rogers, IGN, Skyguide, DFS, and CartaBossy.

Jeppesen VFR Charts

Purchase and access Jeppesen's familiar VFR Procedure Charts. These charts are geo-referenced so you can overlay them on the Maps view.

Jeppesen IFR Charts

Purchase a subscription or link your existing account to access Jeppesen's high-quality procedure charts, data-driven IFR enroute maps, taxi charts, and airway manual supplement documents.

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Explore our Business Aviation solution.

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Graphical NOTAMs

Access graphical depictions of European enroute NOTAMs directly on ForeFlight’s map as part of the NOTAMs map layer. ForeFlight uses geographic data contained in NOTAM descriptions to draw their actual shapes whenever possible, and color-codes NOTAMs gray, orange, or red based on increasing severity and type. Tap on each NOTAM to view its description and active times. Additionally, with the NOTAMs layer enabled, you can selectively filter which types are shown using the new menu in Map Settings > NOTAMs Settings, with toggles for Exercises, Controlled Airspaces, Obstacles, and Other.

Controlled Airspace Frequencies

Easily locate Jeppesen-sourced frequencies for many kinds of controlled airspace for quicker inflight access and reduced workload. Tap into the details of an airspace to reveal all of its associated frequencies.

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General Aviation Forecasts (GAFOR)

Plan your flights with a new graphical GAFOR depiction covering Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. GAFOR provides color-coded indicators of each day’s forecasts including details about each forecast period such as the reference altitude, GAFOR index, cloud base, visibility, and specific weather phenomena.

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Easy Route Planning & Filing

ForeFlight's powerful routing engine generates EUROCONTROL validated IFR, Y, or Z routes, and AIP-compliant VFR routes, in a matter of seconds. The Graphical Route Advisor features makes it easy to preview and compare options.

File IFR flight plans within and between any EUROCONTROL member country, as well as many other regions and countries around the world. VFR flight plan filing is supported in select countries with more to follow.

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VFR Autorouting

ForeFlight generates VFR routes that comply with standard AIP guidelines for VFR flights, such as keeping leg times below 30 minutes and placing waypoints on or near FIR boundaries to simplify border crossings.

Global Hazard Awareness Technology

ForeFlight features a variety of mobile hazard avoidance technologies that use Jeppesen’s global high-resolution terrain and obstacle data to provide you with better situational awareness and safety, anywhere you fly.


ForeFlight offers the most widely used mobile synthetic vision system. Fast, elegant, and precise, with features like night mode and luminous terrain.


Profile View is a vertical cross-section of your route that depicts airspace, terrain, weather, and obstacles along your route or ahead of your aircraft during flight.


Hazard Advisor highlights nearby hazardous terrain and obstacles. The display continually updates based on GPS altitude and position.

Connect with Third-Party Devices

SkyEcho 2 ADS-B Transceiver

SkyEcho 2 includes a dual-band ADS-B receiver for position data from other ADS-B equipped aircraft, which can then be displayed in ForeFlight Mobile.

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FLARM Traffic in ForeFlight

ForeFlight can display FLARM traffic in addition to ADS-B traffic for improved situational awareness and inflight safety. FLARM operates via air-to-air transmissions within 10km and displays basic information about a nearby aircraft's heading, speed, and altitude. ForeFlight supports FLARM devices that use the NMEA or GDL90 protocols to deliver traffic information, as well as uAvionix’s SkyEcho 2 ADS-B and FLARM transceiver.

You must purchase a FLARM Decoding License to display FLARM traffic when connected to a SkyEcho 2.

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Golze Engineering ADL Series

Access global satellite weather, GPS, and more with Golze’s ADL line of portable and installed receivers.

The ADL 140 and 150 provide GPS and satellite weather, while the 190 and 200 add ADS-B traffic and AHRS for backup attitude. Golze’s ADLConnect app can connect to IridiumGo! portable satellite receivers and transmit GPS and weather data to ForeFlight.

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Air Avionics Traffic Receivers 

Access ADS-B and FLARM traffic along with GPS position with Air Avionic's AT-1 receiver, and access traffic from other installed avionics using the AIR Connect data bridge.

The AT-1 provides inflight GPS and both FLARM and ADS-B traffic using the 1090MHz frequency, combining both traffic sources to display a more complete traffic picture in ForeFlight. The AIR Connect receives traffic and GPS data from other avionics in your panel and transmits them to ForeFlight via Wi-Fi, allowing you to leverage existing units in your panel for use with ForeFlight.

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Advanced Airspace Navigation

Airspace in Profile

See a side view of airspace along your route, on the ground during planning and in the air. Tap to view details like altitudes, airspace type, and effective times in controlled and special use airspaces.

Automatic Airspace Highlighting

Airspace Highlight considers the flight’s climb, cruise, and descent trajectory to highlight airspace near the aircraft or along the route of flight. All other airspace dims to reduce visual clutter on the map. This feature works in both preflight planning mode and in the air.

Global Airspace Details

The Maps view features Jeppesen-sourced global airspace information for FIRs, UIRs, controlled and special use airspace, including frequencies and transition altitude information.

Need Help Getting Started?

We created a few helpful videos about how to purchase the Europe region, how to access Europe downloads, and how to start using the ForeFlight app in Europe.

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