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ForeFlight Mobile

ForeFlight Mobile for iPad & iPhone is the perfect pilot companion: on the ground, or in flight.

Beautiful, full-screen weather maps; complete airport data; plates; TFRs and AIR/SIGMETs; moving map with VFR/IFR charts and data-driven maps; and much more make ForeFlight Mobile your permanent Second-in-Command.

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ForeFlight's AF/D covers 220 countries and includes databases from AOPA, Universal Weather and Aviation's UVTripPlanner, the FAA, and ForeFlight's proprietary research. Frequencies, runway details, diagrams, phone numbers, fuel prices, operating hours, sunrise/set times, METARs, TAFs, Winds aloft and more are available.

Maps and Charts

ForeFlight Mobile for iPad presents weather brilliantly on thirteen different weather maps, ranging from composite reflectivity radar to ceilings and PIREPs. Step through each map and visually brief your route of flight. Overlay weather and routes on any of the charts, including VFR/IFR charts and global, data-driven maps.

Instrument Procedures

ForeFlight Mobile includes approaches, departures, arrivals and diagrams for the entire US and Canadian IFR systems. Get a ForeFlight Mobile US Pro subscription to see your aircraft directly on US plates. On iPad, the Plates tab visually arranges instrument procedures to support your workflow. Way better than paper.

Documents iPad Only

ForeFlight Mobile is built to be a pilot's one stop shop. The Documents view acts as the ultimate flight bag. Include a PDF or image from any source and have it for quick reference in flight or on the ground. And the built-in catalog of documents makes adding the basics, like chart legends and A/FD extras, a simple tap.

Airport & FBO Directory

ForeFlight integrates airport information and FBO data from the Federal Aviation Administration, AOPA, and Universal Weather and Aviation. This unique combination of information provides ForeFlight customers access to important information covering 220+ countries.

Brief & File In Seconds

Build out a trip using the Touch Planning interface, then send your flight plan to the Brief & File system, where you'll get an approved weather briefing and file your flight plan in seconds. Email confirmations and briefings provide proof of compliance with the regs.

Bullet Proof Downloads

ForeFlight delivers more than 100 terabytes of digital chart data each month to pilots, making us one of the largest distributors of digital chart data in the world. The Download Manager intelligently keeps your plates, charts, and data up to date as needed, delivered from more than 20 servers worldwide.

Simple Pricing

ForeFlight offers two plan levels: Basic and Pro. Purchase in-app, or online. No complicated pricing tiers to understand, and a powerful set of features that makes ForeFlight Mobile one of the best values in aviation.

Canadian Coverage

With the ForeFlight Mobile Pro - Canada subscription, enjoy easy access to all of the instrument procedures from the Canada Air Pilot (CAP) as well as full low and high IFR enroute, VNC, and VTA chart coverage from NAV CANADA.

ForeFlight Manage™

Use ForeFlight Manage™, ForeFlight's new web portal to manage your personal or fleet account, add upgrades, and manage the devices on which your subscription is installed. Add and remove pilots as needed.

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