Customer Stories





Walter "Wally" Obermeyer

My favorite feature is having all the charts and briefing information literally in the palm of my hand. ForeFlight has made my flying infinitely more efficient and enjoyable. It saves time and improves safety. Briefing on ForeFlight is a breeze.


Mark Sampson

ForeFlight brings the right stuff to all cockpits, civilian or military. I believe I spent less than a week of my 30-day ForeFlight trial subscription before I was sold – and it was less than a year before I was upgrading to the ForeFlight Pro version.


Steve Krause

The best is integration of the moving map, ADS-B via Stratus, and geo-referenced approach charts. This makes ForeFlight the most important single component of my avionics suite. I have at least as good an understanding of the airspace situation as ATC does, and usually it’s better. For single pilot, IFR, GA flyers, ForeFlight is as important for safe flying as 100LL in the tank.


Jack Degelman

I love the reduced stress of flying as workload is easy. I love the fact that this is all you need. I have already turned two new pilots into ForeFlight users and they are hooked too.


Alton Brown

ForeFlight has become my primary tool for planning and managing both IFR and VFR flights. In just the last couple of weeks I've flown my Cessna 414 from Atlanta to the Bahamas, NYC, and Baltimore without breaking out a paper chart or plate. For weather briefing to filing, to managing those ATC route amendments that always come in when you least expect them, and everything in between, ForeFlight is the killer iPad app for aviation.


Jud Brandt

ForeFlight has integrated pre-flight planning with in-flight cockpit tasks to a level that pilots only dreamed about a few years ago. I'm paperless and better informed with my Bad Elf enabled ForeFlight iPad in all phases of flight. Keep it coming ForeFlight!


Beth Yaeger

I am a recently minted pilot and my iPad and ForeFlight Mobile were a Christmas gift from my husband. I cannot even express how much I love ForeFlight. It means that I can have updated weather, simplified planning and quickly calculate ETE's and Fuel Burns. Although, I have to say the best part about ForeFlight is that it is portable and flexible enough for me to use in any of the planes I rent without worrying about where I need to mount it. I tell every pilot I meet that they need to invest in an iPad and ForeFlight.


Sander Cohen

ForeFlight's customer service makes their products complete. As an online retailer, I know firsthand that providing outstanding customer support is the difference between having a good product and providing a great customer experience. As a pilot and airplane owner, I know that when I have a question about my EFB, it's important. Quick, accurate, and always glad to help- the ForeFlight team really gets this right. The ForeFlight customer experience couldn’t be better.


Phil Boyer

Several years ago, I was pleased when ForeFlight was available with the valuable AOPA Airport Directory for the iPhone, and used it often. But, last year when the first iPad was introduced I instantly saw the utility of this device in the cockpit, and ForeFlight was my app of choice for pre-flight, inflight and post flight operations. Inflight, it doesn't substitute for my panel mounted avionics, but I use it as a supplement to eliminate paper charts, whether VFR or IFR. As an early adopter, I can point to selling at least two-dozen pilots on buying an iPad; if nothing more than to use for their various flying needs with ForeFlight.