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Stratus 2

Smart. Simple. Subscription free weather and traffic.


Stratus 2 is the best-selling and award-winning dual-band ADS-B receiver. When connected to Stratus 2, ForeFlight Mobile can display air-to-air, ADS-R, and TIS-B traffic. ForeFlight’s traffic system supports mixed-mode display of both directional and nondirectional targets. In addition, our TrafficTrend™ technology shows the predicted path of traffic.

Many certified ADS-B “out” options are now available and installing this equipment gives pilots a more complete traffic picture. However if your aircraft is not equipped with ADS-B “out”, the traffic picture may be limited. This article from is a helpful reference for understanding ADS-B traffic.


Stratus also enables inflight weather display in ForeFlight. The subscription-free ADS-B weather service includes: METARs, TAFs, animated regional NEXRAD, CONUS NEXRAD, NOTAMs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, TFRs, winds and temperatures aloft, and PIREPS.

Stratus Replay is a capability that allows the Stratus to store 30 minutes of FIS-B data. This allows pilots to sleep the iPad and then receive a burst of updates when the iPad wakes. If there are more than one iPad connected to Stratus, each iPad will be synced to have the same data replayed. ForeFlight will also animate ADS-B radar, looping up to 30 minutes of NEXRAD while in flight.

Buy Stratus

The Stratus 2 offers dual-band ADS-B traffic receivers, WAAS GPS, an AHRS to drive the in app attitude display, wire-free eight hour rechargable battery life, and a built-in fan for improved heat resistance. The Stratus 1 includes a single-band (978MHz) ADS-B receiver and WAAS GPS. You can purchase a Stratus 2 online directly from Appareo or Sporty’s for $899. The Stratus 1 is now priced at $499.

Features and Specifications

  • Compact design with a rugged enclosure: 2.6" x 6" x 1.25" at 9.7 ounces (30% smaller than the first-generation Stratus)
  • Internal antenna for wire-free operation in most cockpits.
  • More heat resistant with white case and built-in fan.
  • Long battery life operation for up to 8 hours. Recharges via a standard Micro USB cable.
  • Active WAAS GPS for improved position information and support for speeds up to 900 KTAS.
  • Stratus Replay automatically stores weather and NOTAM data so you don't miss anything in flight.
  • iPad 2+, iPhone 4+ required.
  • Dual band ADS-B receiver (978 MHz and 1090 MHz). See relative altitude, climb/descent rate and projected track. Note: ADS-B traffic is limited unless your aircraft has ADS-B Out installed in the panel.
  • Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) for additional situational awareness with ForeFlight Mobile's attitude indicator.
  • LED indicators with ambient light sensors for battery health, power, and ADS-B station reception. Adjustable brightness from within ForeFlight Mobile.
  • Tested to DO160F for magnetic effect and altitude, ESD via the 8kV Human Body Model, and vibration tested using 10-500-10Hz 1oct/min 1hr/axis (3 axis).

ADS-B Coverage Map

How does the Stratus I compare to the Stratus II?

The Stratus I and Stratus II receivers are both very capable ADS-B weather receivers. The Stratus II adds a second radio receiver (1090 MHz) for receiving more traffic information. It also has built in micro gyros that work with our AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference) display. With the Stratus II, the pilot is provided with the ability to remotely mount the GPS antenna for additional placement options. While using the TrackLog feature, the Stratus II can record up to 20 hours of flight time. The case on the Stratus II is white and includes an internal cooling fan, which makes it more heat-resistant.

Can I get traffic information using a Stratus ADS-B receiver?

Yes. The first generation Stratus receives traffic on the 978 MHz (UAT) frequency and the second generation receives it on both the 978 MHz and 1090 MHz (ES) frequencies.

The traffic you see on ForeFlight Mobile is ADS-B traffic. ADS-B traffic only includes the air-to-air traffic received directly from another aircraft and traffic rebroadcast to your aircraft from an ADS-B ground tower. Air-to-air traffic reports are only reported from ADS-B Out equipped aircraft. ADS-B Out must be installed in your aircraft, and cannot be provided by a portable device like Stratus. Few aircraft are currently ADS-B Out equipped.

You will only receive ADS-B traffic from a ground tower if two things are true:
1) your aircraft, or another one nearby you, is ADS-B Out equipped, and
2) you are in communication with an ADS-B ground tower.

Remember, ADS-B traffic, even at its best, is not a complete picture of nearby traffic and is not a substitute for looking out the window when fulfilling your responsibility to see and avoid.

Please watch ForeFlight and ADS-B Traffic - Part 1 and ForeFlight and ADS-B Traffic - Part 2 below.

What weather products are available?

Stratus receives and transmits to ForeFlight Mobile CONUS NEXRAD, regional high-resolution NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, TFRs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, NOTAMs, pilot reports, and winds/temperature aloft. Each product is nicely integrated with ForeFlight Mobile's Airports and Maps features.

How do I update the Firmware on my Stratus receiver?

Turn the Stratus on and then open Apple Settings, tap WiFi, and connect your iPad or iPhone to the Stratus WiFi network.

Now, open ForeFlight Mobile and go to the Devices view and tap the Stratus button. Next, tap the “Tap to Update” text on the Firmware row to begin the update. Once the update is complete, tap the “Close” button to return to ForeFlight Mobile. Please watch our Stratus: Updating Firmware video below.

NOTE: Before beginning the update process, make sure that your iPad or iPhone AND the Stratus each have enough battery power to run for at least 15 minutes. If you are unsure, plug each device in to an appropriate charger.

Can more than one iPad connect to Stratus?

Yes. In fact, every iOS device running ForeFlight Mobile in the cockpit can connect to Stratus and see the same weather unfold.

Which iPhones are compatible with Stratus?

We strongly recommend an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or the latest generation iPod touch.

Which iPads are compatible with Stratus?

An iPad 2 or later is required, including iPad Mini.

Does Stratus provide GPS location information?

Yes. Stratus includes a WAAS GPS receiver and will provide GPS information to ForeFlight Mobile. Since Stratus is battery operated and can operate for up to 8 hours, Stratus will keep a constant GPS signal and make that available to ForeFlight Mobile. Stratus will not provide GPS information to other applications.

Are there any subscription fees associated with ADS-B weather?

No. ADS-B is not subscription based.  Stratus does, however, require a current ForeFlight Mobile subscription, which you can purchase on our Subscription Purchase page. 

How much does Stratus cost?

Only $899, available for order exclusively from Sporty's and Appareo.

How do I connect to Stratus?

You connect to Stratus via WiFi. Each Stratus creates its own WiFi network, to which you can connect multiple iPads, iPhones, or iPod Touches.

Does Stratus replace XM Weather?

No. The products provided by Stratus and the ADS-B network differ. XM Weather offers a wider array of products and more coverage. This table will help you compare and contrast ADS-B and XM and help you decide which in-flight product is right for you. Many pilots will find adequate ADS-B coverage within the areas they fly most frequently. Refer to the coverage map above to determine if there is coverage for your mission. ForeFlight Mobile also supports XM Weather via the Baron Mobile Link.

Is Stratus Battery Powered?

Stratus includes a battery that will provide continuous power for up to 8 hours, which contributes to making Stratus operation "wire-free" for most pilots. You can charge stratus using the included wall charger or using an accessory like the Scoshe 12V DC power adapter. Some laptop USB ports will also provide sufficient power to recharge Stratus.

Do I need an external ADS-B antenna?

Most pilots will not require an external antenna and can thus operate completely "wire-free". Stratus includes a specially tuned, high-performance internal antenna that will get good reception in many aircraft. Some aircraft, however, may require an external antenna due to signal attenuation caused by the aircraft. If you find you need an external antenna, you can pick one up from Sporty's.

Do I need an external GPS antenna?

The external GPS antenna is an optional accessory for your second generation Stratus. Stratus contains an internal GPS antenna that will be sufficient for many pilots. The external GPS antenna; however, provides many more options for placing Stratus in your aircraft and resolves reception issues caused by heated windshields. You may purchase an external GPS antenna.

Where should I place Stratus in my aircraft?

A snap-in mount is included with Stratus. Additionally, a suction cup mount is available for purchase from your Stratus retailer. Both the ADS-B and the GPS antennas are inside your second generation Stratus allowing for no wire operation. However both antennas can be remoted if desired which offers a wide variety of mounting options. If using the snap-in mount to place Stratus in your aircraft, the mount should be placed on the glareshield as close as practical to the pilot and copilot seats to help prevent overheating as it will be easier for Stratus to draw the cool air from the cabin through its fan. If you are using Stratus with the AHRS app Stratus Horizon, you should mount Stratus so that it is perpendicular to the back of the aircraft; parallel to the aircraft’s centerline.

What version of ForeFlight Mobile is required to support the Stratus ADS-B receiver?

Version 5.1 or higher is required to support Stratus 2.

Is Special Use Airspace status provided?


Can I damage Stratus’s battery if I store or operate it outside of its rated ranges?

Yes, operating and storing a lithium-ion battery when it is too hot will cause permanent damage and void Stratus’s warranty. A fully charged lithium-ion battery stored at 60 C for three months can permanently lose as much as 40% of its capacity. Because of this it’s important not to leave Stratus in a hot aircraft or automobile when it’s not being used.

Does Stratus’s battery have a finite life?

Yes, Stratus contains a Lithium-ion battery. If stored and operated in its published temperate range its battery should last a long time and be capable of being fully discharged about 300 times before requiring service.

Will Stratus’s battery charge if is both plugged-in and operating in an aircraft?

Yes, Stratus will still charge its battery when running but only if it is plugged into a high-capacity 2.1 Amp charging source and only if the battery temperate is between 0 and 40 degrees C. If it is plugged in but the battery is too hot or too cold then Stratus may continue to operate but the battery will no longer charge to protect it from damage.

Does it matter what USB cable I charge Stratus with?

Yes, the included 3 foot USB cable is designed to enable optimal charging speed. Many other 3 foot USB cables contain lighter gauge wires and they will not be able to deliver as much power resulting in longer charge time. Similarly, a longer cable is not able to supply as much power as a shorter one and will also result in longer charge times.

Will Stratus charge off of a laptop?

No, laptops generally only supply up to 1 Amp of power per the USB 2.0 standard. Stratus, like an iPad, requires a 2.1 Amp power source for it to properly charge.

I looked on your coverage map and noticed that ADS-B is not available in all of the areas I fly. Do you know when it will be available in specific areas of the country?

The FAA expects to have full coverage in the United States by early 2014. Information regarding the location of future ADS-B stations is not shared with ForeFlight, however.

Does Stratus work outside of the United States?

Although the GPS function will work anywhere, the Stratus receives ADS-B data from ground-based towers broadcasting on UAT (978). This service is not available outside of the United States.

Does ForeFlight Mobile work with any other ADS-B receiver?

No. Currently, we only support Stratus.

Can other apps use the GPS connection provided by Stratus, like the Maps app?

No. The GPS signal can only be used by apps like ForeFlight that communicate directly with Stratus.

Does Stratus work in helicopters?

Yes, Stratus is usable in a helicopter, provided there adequate ADS-B coverage in the area you are flying to mitigate potential signal blockage due to flying at low altitudes.

Can I dim the Stratus LEDs for flying at night?

Yes, you may dim or brighten the LEDs using the LED Brightness slider on the Stratus status page within ForeFlight Mobile. That can be found in the More view, under the Devices option.

Are there any temperature concerns when using Stratus?

Yes, Stratus will turn itself off if the battery temperature reaches -20 C (- 4 F) or + 65 C (+ 149 F) to prevent battery damage. It is designed to be operated between 0 C and 35 C. The battery is located in the bottom of the unit, so avoid placing on hot surfaces when able.

Does Stratus receive ADS-B weather on the ground?

Maybe. ADS-B behaves similarly to a VOR. Generally, unless you have an ADS-B station on the ground at the airport, you will need some altitude to begin receiving ADS-B broadcasts. 1000 feet AGL is usually sufficient but is still dependent on the proximity to the ADS-B stations.

How can I troubleshoot Stratus running with ForeFlight Mobile?

Hear are a few items to check:

  • Make sure you are running the latest version of ForeFlight Mobile, see this on how to update
  • Keep ForeFlight Mobile running and the device screen on at all times when using Stratus, when the device screen is turned off, or another application is running, ForeFlight Mobile will NOT receive Stratus data updates.
  • Check the status of Stratus in the Devices view in ForeFlight Mobile. Make sure it shows 1 or more stations are being received. When you are on the ground it is common for 0 stations to be received. If you are receiving no stations when airborne, and are in the coverage area, please check the positioning of the Stratus device.
  • Verify that your device's date, time, and timezone are set correctly. Use the main Settings app to check that, under the General option.
  • Sometimes restarting ForeFlight Mobile can help.
    1. tap the home button below the screen
    2. double tap the home button to bring up the app switcher
    3. tap and hold the foreflight icon in the app switcher then tap the red delete icon that appears

Does ForeFlight Mobile need to be running to receive ADS-B data?

Yes, in order for ForeFlight Mobile to receive and save weather and NOTAM data from Stratus, it must be running. If the iPad/iPhone screen is turned off using the sleep/wake button on the top of the device, ForeFlight Mobile will no longer receive ADS-B data. ForeFlight Mobile must be shown on the device screen to be able to receive data, but screen brightness can be turned down to save battery.

Does Stratus work with other applications? What should I do after my Stratus stops working properly after using an unsupported application?

ForeFlight and Appareo do not recommend or advise using the Stratus device with unsupported third party applications that have attempted to reverse engineer the interface. If you do use Stratus with an unapproved third party application, the following instructions will be helpful in order to overcome the problems you are about to encounter.

1. Reboot your iPad after using Stratus with the unsupported application and then re-connect to the Stratus network.
2. Launch ForeFlight to resume normal Stratus operations.
3. Do not activate the unsupported application while connected to Stratus, which would then require steps one and two to assure normal operations.

If you do attempt to use Stratus with an unsupported application, you will need to reboot your iPad after each use of Stratus with the unsupported application, and then re-connect to Stratus. Failure to do so has been shown to disable use of Stratus in some cases, among other issues.

Unauthorized companies making claims that they "support" Stratus are in our opinion misleading. They are not endorsed or supported by AFS, LLC (the joint venture that makes the product, of which ForeFlight is a member) and therefore we cannot confirm or verify any unsupported app maker's claim to deliver a safe and reliable experience.

Unsupported applications are known to:
* Display inaccurate or incomplete ADS-B information.
* Display inaccurate flight parameters (e.g. AHRS information).
* Create a denial of service to Stratus functions.

More FAQs and information are available on our Stratus Support page and the Appareo product information page.

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