ForeFlight 12 
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Our first release of 2020 includes major enhancements to 3D Review, support for importing G1000 track logs to ForeFlight, a new Navlog template, and more.


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Camera Modes & Route Line in 3D Review

Follow planned and recorded flights from a new interactive third-person view of your aircraft and route line. In third-person mode the camera stays centered on your aircraft, allowing you to pan, tilt, and zoom the view to see your flight from any angle. Additionally, the route line is now visible in both camera modes of 3D Review, enhancing its usefulness for evaluating maneuvers and procedures, or for gaining a high-altitude perspective of a route’s path in relation to terrain.
3D Review is included in ForeFlight Performance Plans.


Watch the video


Watch the Video

Import G1000 Track Logs to ForeFlight

Import and display track logs recorded by a suitably configured Garmin G1000 to simplify how you organize and access your recorded flights. Imported G1000 track logs support all the same features as native ForeFlight track logs, so you can debrief the flight using Track Log Review, follow it in 3D Review, and send it to your Logbook for easy recordkeeping.

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Plain Text PIREPs on Maps

ForeFlight will now translate and display PIREP information in a more readable format, similar to how it displays METARs and TAFs. Tap on a PIREP marker on the Maps view to see each component that ForeFlight is able to translate displayed individually below the PIREP’s original coded text.

International Navlog Template

Update the layout of ForeFlight’s Navlog with the new “International” template, offering an alternative format with more space for note-taking and other changes. Tap the new Settings button in the top-right corner of the Navlog to change the template.
The International Navlog template is available with ForeFlight Performance plans.

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Tap on Distance Rings to Change Style

Quickly change the Distance Rings style on the Maps view by tapping any of the distance or time labels attached to each ring. You can then select any of the available styles, including Automatic (Distance), Automatic (Time), or five fixed distance and time settings.

Biplane and Floatplane Location Markers

New location markers representing a biplane and a floatplane are now available to display your GPS location on the map during a flight. Select the new location markers or choose from many other civilian and military aircraft in More > Settings > Current Location Marker.