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Performance Flight Planning

Introducing ForeFlight Performance

Fly fast? Plan faster with ForeFlight Performance, which includes powerful capabilities for high-performance flight planning.

Visit to learn more.

Performance Part 1 - Add New Aircraft & Performance Profiles

This is part one of our Performance video series, which walks through how to set up aircraft using ForeFlight’s new aircraft type database. These features are available with ForeFlight’s Performance Plus plan, which you can purchase at

Takeoff & Landing Distances for Pistons

NOTE: Takeoff and Landing Performance for single-engine turboprops is now available with the Runway Analysis add-on product. Learn more and view supported models here.

Takeoff and Landing Distances for pistons is a powerful flight planning capability that provides safety-enhancing runway performance calculations returned in seconds. Seamlessly integrated into ForeFlight’s flight planning workflow, Takeoff and Landing Distances incorporates aircraft performance and weather data to calculate important flight metrics and ensure they’re within the aircraft’s and runway’s limits. Takeoff and Landing Distances for pistons is included at no additional charge in ForeFlight’s Performance Plus plan.

Click here to learn more about Takeoff & Landing Performance.
To see if your aircraft is supported for Takeoff & Landing Performance check out our online Aircraft Library.

Takeoff & Landing Safety Distance Factor

ForeFlight’s Takeoff & Landing Performance feature allows you to specify a safety distance factor to produce more conservative runway performance calculations in response to runway conditions or other factors.

Takeoff & Landing Performance is included in ForeFlight Performance plans and supports many piston and single-engine turboprop aircraft types.

Read the FAA's Safety Alert for Operators concerning landing distance factors here.
Learn more about Takeoff & Landing Performance in ForeFlight here.

Set Up Aircraft Performance Profiles For Existing Aircraft

Detailed aircraft performance profiles are key to ForeFlight’s advanced flight planning capabilities and our highly-accurate flight time and fuel burn calculations. The first thing you should do after purchasing or upgrading to the Performance plan is set up your aircraft to use the built-in performance profiles. You only have to do it once, and it takes under one minute.

To see how you can set up a by-altitude performance profile if your aircraft type doesn't come with ForeFlight Performance Profiles, check out our Performance on the Web video.

Bias Climb & Descent Performance Profiles

Increase the accuracy of ForeFlight’s time and fuel flow calculations by adjusting your aircraft’s climb, cruise, and descent performance profiles based on observed performance. These performance profiles are available as part of ForeFlight’s Performance Plus and Business Performance subscription plans.

Performance Part 2 - Flights View

This is part two of our Performance video series, which gives an overview of the new “Flights” view and walks through the first step of planning a new flight in the Flights view. These features are available with ForeFlight’s Performance Plus plan, which you can purchase at

Organized Track Systems

Organized Track depictions in ForeFlight provide a valuable reference for pilots who utilize these track systems. Organized Tracks are available on mobile and the web with ForeFlight’s Performance Plus and Business Performance subscription plans.

ForeFlight displays three different track systems: The North Atlantic Organized Track System, the Pacific Organized Track System, and the Australian Organized Track Structure. Individual tracks are color-coded based on direction: East-bound tracks are purple and West-bound tracks are green. Zoom in to the start of each track to see labels for the track’s name and direction. Each waypoint in the track is also labeled.

Learn more about ForeFlight's Performance plans here.

Performance Part 3 - Route and Altitude Advisors

This is part three of our Performance video series, which looks at the Route and Altitude Advisors and how they can help you find the best route and altitude for your flight. These features are available with ForeFlight’s Performance Plus plan, which you can purchase at

Recommended Route Constraints

ForeFlight’s Route Advisor allows you to customize the Recommended Route using flexible route constraints, making it easy to tailor routes to your own needs. Use route constraints to set guidelines that the Recommended Route will follow when generating a new route, with options for including or avoiding certain waypoints, avoiding FIRs, and bounding the minimum and maximum altitudes for the flight. Route Constraints and the Recommended Route are available with ForeFlight Performance plans.

Altitude Constraints in Route Advisor

ForeFlight's Route Advisor now allows Performance subscribers to manually adjust the altitude range considered when generating the Recommended Route, allowing for more customization and personalized route suggestions. 

Performance Part 4 - Payload and Fuel Planning

This is part four of our Performance video series, which walks through the process of entering payload details for a flight and managing fuel usage, including selecting a fuel policy. These features are available with ForeFlight’s Performance Plus plan, which you can purchase at

Refined Fuel Planning

The fuel planning section of the Flights view has a new layout that provides more flexibility in adjusting fuel policies to hit target values. Fuel and weight planning is available with ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.

Send FBO Fuel Orders

FBO Fuel Orders allow you to notify the destination FBO of your estimated arrival time and fuel order request using a simple form that is transmitted right from the Flights tab. 

Fuel Orders are available for Performance Plus and Business Performance subscribers.

Runway Analysis

Ensure a safe takeoff and landing with ForeFlight Runway Analysis, an advanced runway and obstacle analysis capability for jet aircraft that’s seamlessly integrated with ForeFlight’s existing planning workflows. Built around AFM performance data and complete with engine-out procedures and a detailed Summary document, ForeFlight Runway Analysis provides a fast, easy, and thoroughly reliable solution for flight departments and owner-operators of jet aircraft everywhere.

Runway Analysis is available as a paid add-on to ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.

Find details on supported aircraft, pricing, and how to purchase here.

Integrated Weight & Balance

Weight & Balance in ForeFlight is now directly integrated with your flight planning so you can increase the accuracy of ForeFlight’s performance results and complete a critical preflight requirement all in one app. We've also simplified the setup of new and existing W&B profiles, tied them directly to your regular aircraft profiles, and added support for Basic Operating Weight.

Integrated Weight & Balance planning is included in ForeFlight Business Performance subscription plans.

Set Up W&B Profiles on ForeFlight Web

Learn how to set up and publish integrated Weight & Balance profiles for your entire flight department in ForeFlight Web.

Performance Part 6 - Navlog and Briefing

This is part six of our Performance video series, which walks through how to view and print the detailed Navlog for a flight, and request a weather briefing using ForeFlight Graphical Briefing. These features are available with ForeFlight’s Performance Plus plan, which you can purchase at

RAIM Prediction in Navlog

ForeFlight’s detailed Navlog now provides RAIM prediction for customers on Performance Plus and Business Performance plans. Receiver autonomous integrity monitoring, or RAIM, provides a measure of GPS integrity along a planned route, and checking for possible RAIM outages is required before conducting any flight utilizing a non-WAAS GPS for navigation. RAIM prediction is supported for the continental US, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Performance Part 7 - Filing and Messages

This is part seven of our Performance video series, which walks through how to file a flight plan using the Flights view and review important flight alerts after filing. These features are available with ForeFlight’s Performance Plus plan, which you can purchase at

Performance Part 8 - Planning on the Web

This is part eight of our Performance video series, which gives an overview of the Performance capabilities available on ForeFlight’s web application at, including how to set up by-altitude profiles. These features are available with ForeFlight’s Performance Plus plan, which you can purchase at

Aircraft Manager for Multi-Pilot Accounts

Multi-pilot account administrators can manage and distribute company aircraft profiles to all the pilots on an account, allowing for easier aircraft management and reduced setup time for large accounts.

Shared aircraft appear in the Aircraft list for all pilots on the account, along with a tag showing the email address of the administrator who published the aircraft. Pilots can view the details of shared aircraft and use them for flight planning, but all details of the aircraft are locked from editing by the pilots, including the performance profiles.

If the account administrator makes any changes to a shared aircraft, a “Publish Changes” button will appear in the bottom-right, allowing them to instantly distribute the changes to every pilot on the account. Clicking “Unpublish” will revoke access to the aircraft for all users other than the administrator, and they will no longer be able to see or use the aircraft for flight planning.

Mobile PDC & D-ATIS

ForeFlight, in partnership with Satcom Direct, offers mobile pre-departure clearance (PDC) and digital ATIS at over 70 major U.S. airports, simplifying your departure workflow so you can get in the air faster. You can set up the service for any of your aircraft at no extra charge with a Performance Plus or Business Performance subscription plan.

Learn more about PDC with ForeFlight here.
Learn more about Performance Flight Planning here.

Taxi Routing

Chart a course to or from the runway with an interactive and contextually-aware Taxi Route editor, available with ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.

Taxi Routing is the inaugural feature in ForeFlight Labs, a shifting collection of cutting-edge features that you can enable in More - Account. This section is only visible if one or more of the features in Labs are available for your subscription plan.