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    Aviation Weather Tips Every Pilot Should Know
    Every day pilots use various weather reports and forecasts to make many routine operational decisions. Knowing how to use this guidance within its limitations is paramount. While pilots are taught the basics, many important details are left out of their primary training. This program will discuss some common mistakes pilots make and provide a few tips on how to properly utilize this weather guidance in their day-to-day preflight planning regiment.
    Performance Part 6 - Navlog and Briefing

    This is part six of our Performance video series, which walks through how to view and print the detailed Navlog for a flight, and request a weather briefing using ForeFlight Graphical Briefing. These features are available with ForeFlight’s Performance Plus plan, which you can purchase at

    Become A Better PIlot with CloudAhoy Debriefing

    Join ForeFlight staff to learn how CloudAhoy’s powerful and intuitive debriefing tools can help pilots of all experience levels learn from every flight and hone their flying skills. This webinar will demonstrate how to get started with CloudAhoy’s free trial and easily import your ForeFlight track logs for debriefing, and will also take a behind-the-scenes look at CloudAhoy’s advanced Flight Analyzer – the rule-based knowledge engine that automatically segments and scores your maneuvers and procedures.

    Debriefing Commercial Flights using CloudAhoy

    Learn how to debrief commercial flights in CloudAhoy, using this video originally presented to Purdue University students.

    Debriefing in CloudAhoy (EAA AirVenture 2023)

    Learn about ForeFlight’s newest acquisition, CloudAhoy, and their industry-leading post-flight debrief capabilities, including flight segmentation, scoring, and visualization. Learn how to pair CloudAhoy with the ForeFlight tracklog, the Sentry Plus, or other data acquisition sources for an even richer post-flight debrief experience.

    Debriefing Instrument Flights using CloudAhoy

    Learn how to debrief instrument flights in CloudAhoy, using this video originally presented to Purdue University students.

    Debriefing Primary Flights using CloudAhoy

    Learn how to debrief primary flights in CloudAhoy, using this video originally presented to Purdue University students.

    MFB One: Air Force Weather Briefs

    Request an approved DD-175-1 weather briefing via the US Air Force’s Joint Environmental Toolkit system and receive it directly in ForeFlight with Air Force Weather Briefs, available for U.S. military or government pilots as part of ForeFlight’s Military Flight Bag One subscription plan.

    Aviation Weather Planning in ForeFlight (EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022)

    Modern flight planning tools make understanding weather and its impact on your flight easier than ever. Customer Success Coordinator Chris Mauser and CFII Jason Miller, creator of The Finer Points, discuss how to get the most out of ForeFlight’s extensive weather capabilities as part of your preflight briefing for every flight.

    Build Better Habits & Procedures with ForeFlight

    Watch CFI and host of Aviation101 Josh Flowers along with CFI and ForeFlight Support Team member Chris Mauser describe how ForeFlight can help you optimize your pilot habits. Josh and Chris walk through their flight workflow - from preflight planning all the way to post-flight debriefing - and show how ForeFlight’s integrated capabilities can help bolster and even become the basis for safety-enhancing habits and procedures.

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