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    Getting the Most Out of Your ForeFlight Subscription in Canada

    Join ForeFlight Pilot Support Team member Dominik Ochmanek as he demonstrates key ForeFlight features and capabilities to help any pilot get the most out of their current subscription plan. From entry-level features included in the Basic plan to terrain and hazard awareness features in Pro and advanced flight planning features in Performance, every pilot can walk away with learning something new. He’ll also demonstrate ForeFlight’s Subscription Advisor, which can help you decide which plan may work best for the types of flying you do.

    Hazard Awareness for Flying in Canada

    Join ForeFlight Pilot Support Team member and active Canadian pilot Adrian Tegler to learn how ForeFlight's extensive collection of inflight hazard awareness features can improve your safety of flight around terrain, obstacles, and difficult weather.

    IFR Flying in Canada

    Join ForeFlight Pilot Support Team member Adrian Tegler to see how ForeFlight makes filing an IFR flight plan in Canada faster and easier. Adrian will demonstrate features that enhance your safety and awareness during planning, inflight, and post-flight such as Alternate Advisor to easily find an alternate airport, Profile View to identify potential hazards like terrain, obstacles, and forecast weather along your route, and much more.

    IFR Flying in Canada, Part 2

    We received so many great questions during our IFR Flying in Canada webinar that we decided to hold another one dedicated to answering them! ForeFlight Pilot Support Team member Adrian Tegler will reprise his role as webinar host for this follow-up presentation focused on questions regarding IFR filing regulations in Canada. Adrian will also share a number of ForeFlight support resources you can access to learn more about the topics of IFR flying and flight plan filing.

    Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Canadian Pilots

    Join ForeFlight Pilot Support Team members and Canadian pilots Adrian Tegler and Dominik Ochmanek to learn the top 10 things Canadian pilots should know about planning and flying with ForeFlight. The two will answer common questions about flight plan filing, show how to access NAV CANADA charts and documents in ForeFlight, and much more.

    VFR Flying in Canada

    Join ForeFlight Pilot Support Team member Dominik Ochmanek to learn how ForeFlight makes VFR flights in Canada safer. Dominik will review VFR flight rules and walk you through a flight to demonstrate the tools you need to increase your competency in ForeFlight, helping you keep your focus outside instead of on your devices.

    Winter Flying in Canada with ForeFlight

    ForeFlight Pilot Support Team member and professional pilot Dominik Ochmanek explains how ForeFlight can help Canadian pilots prepare to fly in winter weather. Dominik walks through his winter preflight checklist and demonstrates tools within ForeFlight to make winter flying safer and easier.

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