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    ForeFlight for Student Pilots

    Join Susan DeCastro and Chris Mauser as they discuss the benefits of incorporating ForeFlight into flight training from the student’s perspective. ForeFlight can help demonstrate and reinforce fundamental aviation concepts, provide greater inflight safety and confidence, and help students stay organized with Logbook, Documents, and more.

    Hazard Awareness for Flying in Canada

    Join ForeFlight Pilot Support Team member and active Canadian pilot Adrian Tegler to learn how ForeFlight's extensive collection of inflight hazard awareness features can improve your safety of flight around terrain, obstacles, and difficult weather.

    IFR Flying in Canada

    Join ForeFlight Pilot Support Team member Adrian Tegler to see how ForeFlight makes filing an IFR flight plan in Canada faster and easier. Adrian will demonstrate features that enhance your safety and awareness during planning, inflight, and post-flight such as Alternate Advisor to easily find an alternate airport, Profile View to identify potential hazards like terrain, obstacles, and forecast weather along your route, and much more.

    Introducing Sentry Plus - The Latest in Portable ADS-B

    The best in portable ADS-B just got better. Sentry Plus builds on essential safety-enhancing capabilities with powerful new innovations to put a + on your flying and debriefing workflows with subscription-free ADS-B weather and traffic, carbon-monoxide monitoring, a high-performance track log recorder, AHRS for backup attitude + g-Load tracking, and more in a compact case with industry-leading battery life.

    Available now from Sporty's Pilot Shop in North America and SkyFox and CAE Pilot Shop in Europe. Visit to learn more.

    MFB Admin & Group Account Management

    Join ForeFlight’s Military Success Coordinator, Joey Arena, to learn how to administer and optimize your unit’s Military Flight Bag account, and peek into how ForeFlight Dispatch can support your operation. Joey will guide you through how to configure and publish aircraft, view and manage compliance reports, and connect a Cloud Drive for seamless document distribution. Additionally, we’ll highlight the advanced capabilities of our web-based, squadron-to-mobile platform, ForeFlight Dispatch – now available DoD-wide via the AFFSA Safety of Navigation contract.

    Takeoff & Landing Distances for Pistons

    NOTE: Takeoff and Landing Performance for single-engine turboprops is now available with the Runway Analysis add-on product. Learn more and view supported models here.

    Takeoff and Landing Distances for pistons is a powerful flight planning capability that provides safety-enhancing runway performance calculations returned in seconds. Seamlessly integrated into ForeFlight’s flight planning workflow, Takeoff and Landing Distances incorporates aircraft performance and weather data to calculate important flight metrics and ensure they’re within the aircraft’s and runway’s limits. Takeoff and Landing Distances for pistons is included at no additional charge in ForeFlight’s Performance Plus plan.

    Click here to learn more about Takeoff & Landing Performance.
    To see if your aircraft is supported for Takeoff & Landing Performance check out our online Aircraft Library.

    Terrain Avoidance in ForeFlight (EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022)

    Flights in mountainous terrain pose unique challenges to pilots trying to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings without compromising safety. Customer Success Coordinator Rachel Scarbrough sits down with Chris Palmer, creator of Angle of Attack, who flies among the glaciers and valleys of Alaska. They discuss how ForeFlight can help you maximize your terrain awareness to make mountain flying safer and more enjoyable.

    The Finer Points of Weather in ForeFlight

    Watch CFII and expert ForeFlighter Jason Miller of The Finer Points and Chris Mauser, ForeFlight's Customer Success Coordinator and CFII, present an in-depth discussion on all things weather-related in ForeFlight. Jason and Chris will cover some of ForeFlight's most underutilized weather features, how to best incorporate different weather products into your preflight planning, and how these features can significantly improve the safety of flight for student pilots and experienced flyers alike.

    The Power of Familiarity in Unfamiliar Cockpits

    Steve Thorne, founder and host of Flight Chops, and ForeFlight Product Manager Thomas Daugherty discuss how ForeFlight can boost your confidence and safety while training in unfamiliar aircraft types. This webinar includes inflight video clips from Steve’s YouTube channel to support the discussion, and the pair answered questions from Flight Chops followers and webinar attendees.

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