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    Icing, Turbulence, and Surface Analysis Layers

    ForeFlight’s weather capabilities now include five new layers for icing, turbulence, and surface analysis forecasts, available on Pro Plus, Performance Plus, and Business Performance plans. The Icing and Turbulence layers each have a US and global option, and the Surface Analysis layer provides a global view of isobars and associated pressure readings, and a more detailed view of pressure centers, fronts, troughs, and other features for North America. All five of the new layers are also available on ForeFlight’s web application.

    New Weather Imagery

    This video introduces the new weather collections in the ForeFlight Mobile Imagery view.

    SiriusXM Weather in ForeFlight Mobile
    ForeFlight and SiriusXM partner to bring nationwide XM weather to ForeFlight Mobile via the portable SXAR1 receiver. Connect your iPad or iPhone to the SXAR1 via Bluetooth and access high resolution radar with storm cell attributes and tracks, winds and temps aloft, METARs, TAFs, AIRMETs/SIGMETs, and more. The SiriusXM Pilot For ForeFlight subscription is available from the SiriusXM Aviation website. The SXAR1 integration is available with ForeFlight 8.1 or later. Learn more at
    SXAR1 Cloud & Echo Tops
    ForeFlight Pilots flying with SiriusXM’s SXAR1 have access to two new weather layers - cloud tops and echo tops.
    The Finer Points of Weather in ForeFlight

    Watch CFII and expert ForeFlighter Jason Miller of The Finer Points and Chris Mauser, ForeFlight's Customer Success Coordinator and CFII, present an in-depth discussion on all things weather-related in ForeFlight. Jason and Chris will cover some of ForeFlight's most underutilized weather features, how to best incorporate different weather products into your preflight planning, and how these features can significantly improve the safety of flight for student pilots and experienced flyers alike.

    Using the Airports View

    OLD VIDEO: This video was made before the "Airports" tab was redesigned, but all of the capabilities you access from "More" are the same as they were before. Visit the ForeFlight Mobile Pilot's Guide.

    The Airports view is your all-in-one source for any kind of information about airports. From current and forecast weather to runways, procedures, and FBOs, the Airports view is one of the most important places in ForeFlight when it comes to flight planning.

    Weather Layer Time Slider

    ForeFlight’s radar and satellite layers now use an interactive time slider tool that provides more control when viewing and animating weather timestamps.

    Winter Flying in Canada with ForeFlight

    ForeFlight Pilot Support Team member and professional pilot Dominik Ochmanek explains how ForeFlight can help Canadian pilots prepare to fly in winter weather. Dominik walks through his winter preflight checklist and demonstrates tools within ForeFlight to make winter flying safer and easier.

    Winter Flying with ForeFlight

    Join ForeFlight Pilot Support Team Manager Josh Berman and Senior iOS Engineer Atlas Wegman to learn how ForeFlight can help you stay safe and aware during winter flying. Josh and Atlas, both pilots based in the northeast U.S., will demonstrate features and map layers including advanced uses of Profile View, preflight briefing imagery, and inflight weather information that enhance your winter flying workflows.

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