A video series interviewing industry professionals, aviation enthusiasts, and fellow ForeFlighters to get an inside look at their lives Between Two Wings

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Episode 20: Kate Gunderson

On this episode of Between Two Wings meet aerospace engineer and National Test Pilot School student Kate Gunderson. Hear about her role as a flight test engineer, how this next endeavor could help her achieve her dream of becoming an astronaut, and why she is passionate about encouraging women to pursue STEM careers.

I think that it would help me a lot to get a private pilot’s license but I think some of the skills I’ve learned in just begin around aircraft and watching the pilots go through their checklists and all that I think that’s helped me a lot. … Being a pilot is all about reading checklists; it’s very operational, and I think flight test engineering is a good mix of technical and operational, so I definitely see the similarities there operationally.


— Kate Gunderson | Aerospace Engineer and Test Pilot School Student


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January 19

Bernhard Fragner
CEO, GlobeAir


Emily is a Community Marketing Coordinator at ForeFlight and leads our Social Media and Influencer efforts. She is currently a Private Pilot working towards her Instrument Rating and plans to continue on to learn as much about flying as she can! Her favorite aviation related activities include introducing people to general aviation and flying around Texas with her Dad in their Piper Warrior.


Previous Episodes

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Episode 19: Bill McGlynn

On this episode of Between Two Wings meet Recreational Aviation Foundation President Bill McGlynn. He explains how a $100 pancake run led to his passion for backcountry flying, how the RAF advocates and fundraises to preserve, improve, and create airstrips for recreational access, the history behind many of the places the RAF is protecting, and why you should get into backcountry flying.

Episode 18: Jason Rabinowitz

On this episode of Between Two Wings we get to know Jason Rabinowitz, an aviation journalist and blogger who specializes in the passenger experience. Hear what nearly a decade in the industry has taught him about how pilots and airlines can put passengers at ease with better communications practices, as well as his thoughts on how the COVID-19 pandemic could change commercial travel in the long run.

Episode 17: Katy Birkelbach

On this episode of Between Two Wings we get to know Katy Birkelbach, a licensed commercial pilot whose goal is to share her experiences and inspire her followers to get into aviation. Hear how she describes the differences of training at both ATP and Part 61 flight schools, how becoming a pilot gave her the self-confidence to achieve anything, and how she helps many of her 135,000 followers overcome anxiety about flying.

Episode 16: Mark Henley

On this episode of Between Two Wings, we sit down with the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team's lead pilot, Mark Henley, to learn about the team’s history and the pivotal role of each pilot, how the Aeroshells are able to perform for more than three decades while other teams come and go, why the T-6 is called "The Pilot Maker", and more.

Episode 15: Mark Baker

On this episode of Between Two Wings get to know AOPA President Mark Baker, the aviation enthusiast behind the organization protecting your freedom to fly, and hear about the unique challenges they've faced upholding that mission from 1939.

Episode 14: Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin

On this episode of Between Two Wings hear software engineer Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin talk about the similarities between pilots and developers, how important it is that many of ForeFlight's devs are pilots, and answer some questions submitted by our team.

Episode 13: Rebecca Shaw

On this episode of Between Two Wings we talk with Lt. Cmdr. Rebecca Shaw, a NOAA Hurricane Hunter pilot. Hear what it’s like to prepare for and fly into the eye of a hurricane to gather life-saving data, how personal minimums keep all pilots safe, and more.

Episode 12: Matt Johnson

On this episode of Between Two Wings we talk with Matt Johnson to get an inside look at the life of an air medical helicopter pilot, how ForeFlight's BYOP feature enhanced their operations, and more. Watch now, or listen wherever you find your podcasts.

Episode 11: Daniel Baker

On this episode of Between Two Wings, hear FlightAware CEO Daniel Baker talk about what inspired him to start the company, learn about their new tracking product for piston aircraft, and more!

Episode 10:  Tyson Weihs

On this special episode of Between Two Wings recorded at #OSH21, ForeFlight CEO and Co-Founder Tyson Weihs talks about ForeFlight’s history, what’s next for the app and aviation industry, and more!

Episode 9:  Emily Rhudy 

On this episode of Between Two Wings we talk with ForeFlight Pilot Support Team member Emily Rhudy! Tune in to hear about her experience volunteering with the Commemorative Air Force, giving back to the aviation community, and a few things she wishes all ForeFlight users knew.

Episode 8:  Susan Bell

On this episode of Between Two Wings we talk with Competition Aerobatic Pilot Susan Bell about all things aerobatics, and why every pilot should practice spin and upset recovery training

Episode 7:  Travis Ludlow 

On this episode of Between Two Wings, we talk with UK pilot Travis Ludlow, who is currently enroute to become the youngest person ever to fly solo around the world!

Episode 6:  Jenn Pierce

On this episode of Between Two Wings we talk with Houston Center Air Traffic Controller, Jenn Pierce! Tune in to hear about her experience controlling the skies and a few things she wishes all pilots knew.

Episode 5:  Adrian Tegler

On this episode of #BetweenTwoWings we talk with ForeFlight Pilot Support Team member Adrian Tegler! Tune in to hear about his experience leaving a CFI job in Canada to flying commercially in Indonesia, the challenges he faced, and the incredible flying experience he gained.

Episode 4:  Laura Laban

On this episode of Between Two Wings we talk with Infinite Flight CEO and pilot, Laura Laban! Hear how creating scenery packages for Microsoft Flight Simulator helped her pay for flight training, the similarities between software engineering and flying, and as always, more avgeek talk.

Episode 3:  Justin Siems 

On this episode of Between Two Wings we chat with Citation Latitude pilot, Justin Siems, about his journey to becoming a corporate pilot, why he chose corporate over airlines, and how hosting his own aviation podcast @pilottopilot has impacted him.

Episode 2:  Matt Swee

On our second episode we talk with Matt Swee, an Airforce and Airline Pilot, about transitioning from civil training, to military, to a major airline, and how organizations like The Pilot Network make this process easier for pilots.

Episode 1: Chris Palmer

Join us and Chris Palmer from Angle of Attack as we talk about flying in Alaska and its unique aviation community!