An Electronic Flight Bag program gives your Part 91 Corporate, Part 135 Fractional, or Charter operation a serious competitive edge. ForeFlight delivers all-in-one affordable technology to keep your pilots informed and organized and your entire flight department in sync.


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Available Summer 2017


Greater Than the Sum of its Charts

Jeppesen's global charts, terrain, obstacles, and NavData® are coming to ForeFlight Mobile – your all-in-one solution for planning, briefing, filing, flying, and logging flights.

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Trusted. Proven. Approved.

With customers like the United States Air Force, United States Coast Guard, NASA, thought leading Fortune 500 corporate flight departments, and the largest helicopter operators in the world, going with ForeFlight puts you in great company. It's easier than ever to go paperless with ForeFlight charts, documents, and flight planning—we can help you get started!

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Safer, More Efficient Flight Operations

ForeFlight is an indispensable part of your everyday flight operations. When it’s time to preflight, ForeFlight is the first thing pilots look at to check weather, plan the route, evaluate terrain and obstacle hazards, and file the flight plan.

In flight, the moving map display, charts, maps, documents, and airport directory combine to provide all the information a pilot needs to safely conduct the flight.


ForeFlight is built for the mobile environment. Your pilots are no longer tethered to a desktop or a phone call to get current weather or to amend a flight plan.

Using the own-ship position on the ground is invaluable for avoiding runway incursions.

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On the ground, interactive graphical overlays give pilots the full picture of how weather and TFRs will impact the mission. Seeing current conditions overlaid on the route line helps pilots make better go/no-go decisions.

In the air, the portable Stratus delivers the FAA’s NextGen subscription-free ADS-B weather services and TIS-B traffic targets to the iPad display. An especially cost-effective solution for legacy aircraft without onboard weather.

Seeing weather and traffic conditions ahead enables pilots to make more informed decisions and coordinate with ATC for the most efficient handling when needed — saving time and money. As a portable electronic device, Stratus does not require any modification to the airframe.

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For Air Ambulance operations, ForeFlight's hazard awareness features make it easy to comply with the Part 135 obstacle height regulation. Using the Profile view helps you to quickly identify and document the highest obstacle along a planned route of flight.

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ForeFlight has been phenomenal with all that it provides for the safe operation of our aircraft.


Create Custom Overlays with User Map Shapes

Import Keyhole Markup Language (KML) geographic shapefiles via iTunes and display custom defined points and areas on the ForeFlight Maps view for your custom navigation needs. Ideal for flight schools, search and rescue operations, pipeline patrol, and more.

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Consolidate Your Toolset

In addition to all of the electronic charts, weather, route planning, and flight plan filing tools for pilots, ForeFlight offers secure cloud-based document distribution and compliance tracking for your flight department.


ForeFlight Cloud Documents is the fast, easy, affordable way to distribute company documents to every flight crew member. Administrators can control the distribution of every new or revised flight manual, operating handbook, or special procedures to every pilot’s iPad—delivered from the cloud of your choice: Dropbox, Box, or Amazon S3.


With ForeFlight Manage—our web-based dashboard for professional flight operations—flight department managers can add and remove pilots from the account, and ensure pilots are flying with the latest charts, data, documents, and version of ForeFlight software.


You are not alone! ForeFlight’s Concierge Account Management team is here to help you climb aboard, answer questions, help with upgrades and expansions, organize pilot training, and provide the flight support you need throughout the year.

Your Best Jet Fuel
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JetFuelX is a free, web-based fuel card management service that saves you time and money by quickly finding the lowest prices available from your multiple fuel program memberships. No additional membership required – log in with your ForeFlight credentials to view and compare your fuel discounts.

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EFB Approvals Are Easier Than Ever

Approvals are easier than ever as FAA 8900.1 guidance has matured, and we can supply a majority of the information you need for your approval package—an Operational Suitability Letter from the FAA, iPad rapid decompression test reports, checklist templates, and more.

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