ForeFlight Military Flight Bag supports the global flight operations of United States Military and Government pilots with worldwide D-FLIP enroute charts, D-FLIP publications, geo-referenced Department of Defense procedures, and more.

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Worldwide Coverage

A worldwide library of Department of Defense Digital Flight Information Publications (D-FLIP) terminal procedures, airport diagrams, enroute charts and publications. All within the ForeFlight Mobile app.

Worldwide Coverage
D-FLIP Enroute

D-FLIP Enroute Charts

Overlay regions of D-FLIP high and low enroute charts onto any of the four global base maps. Enroute charts are geo-referenced for inflight moving map display. Regions include: United States, Canada, CSA (Central, South America), ENAME (Europe, North Africa, Middle East), PAA (Pacific, Australasia, Antarctica), EEA (Eastern Europe, Asia), Africa.


D-FLIP Publications

The Documents view organizes your D-FLIP Publications like Planning Change Notices, Area Planning Documents, Chart Supplements, Enroute Change Notices, and Terminal Change Notices. Also view Airfield Qualification Program (AQP) pages.

Approach Plates

Geo-Referenced DoD Approach Plates

For greater situational awareness, the library of D-FLIP and FAA terminal procedures and airport diagrams is geo-referenced so that you can view your ownship position right on the chart.

Plates on Maps

Plates on Maps allows you to view geo-referenced D-FLIP approach plates and airport diagrams overlaid onto the maps view, along with hazards and weather in one seamless view.

Synthetic Vision

ForeFlight’s Synthetic Vision is a visually stunning and high-performance hazard awareness capability for iPad. Fly with more confidence in all conditions and terrain. When paired with Stratus 2, ForeFlight’s Synthetic Vision becomes an affordable backup attitude system.

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Synthetic Vision

How to Buy

For Individual Pilots

The annual subscription for Military Flight Bag is $299.99 for individual pilots. To begin the purchase process, verify your email address to the right.


Multi-pilot accounts are great for crews who wish to manage ForeFlight access for two or more pilots in a single administrative interface. Please contact for pricing information.


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MFB is only available to pilots who have authorized access to D-FLIP data. Pre-qualified email domains include:,, .gov, .mil,,,,