Military pilots around the world deserve to fly with the best and most advanced aviation app, and with every app release ForeFlight MFB delivers new capabilities that advance safety of navigation.

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Powerful Tools for Safer, More Efficient Military Flight Operations

ForeFlight MFB is an enhanced version of the ForeFlight Mobile electronic flight bag app that supports the global flight operations of government and military pilots who have authorized access to US Department of Defense Digital Flight Information Publications (D-FLIP). ForeFlight MFB gives military, government, and DOD pilots all of the tools they need for flight planning, weather, briefing, filing, checklist, and more – all in a user-friendly interface that simplifies planning, flying, and flight logging workflows.

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MFB Performance
  • Geo-referenced FAA & DOD approach plates

  • Global weather products, including satellite, animated radar for North America, Europe, Japan, & Australia, Lightning, METARs, & Winds Aloft

  • Global high-resolution terrain & obstacle data drives dynamic hazard awareness features like 3D Synthetic Vision, Terrain Profile, & Hazard Advisor map layer

  • Avionics connectivity with a variety of portable and installed systems enables real-time inflight ADS-B weather & traffic

  • Cloud Documents sync via a connected cloud service like Amazon S3 or

  • Integrated Checklists and Logbook

    Everything in MFB Pro plus...

  • Detailed Aircraft Performance Profiles

  • Next-Generation Flight Planning Engine

  • Highly-Accurate Time & Fuel Calculations

  • Global Wind & Temperature-Optimized Routes

  • Fuel Policies & Weight Safety Checks

  • Bundle & Share Custom Content with Content Packs

Purchasing For Individual Pilots (US DOD)

As an individual US military pilot, you can purchase ForeFlight MFB for the US with DOD data directly through the ForeFlight website. First, you'll need to verify your email address. Click the button on the left to begin the authentication process. Individual MFB subscriptions purchased from ForeFlight are $360 USD per year for MFB Performance (US DOD) and $240 USD per year for MFB Pro (US DOD). For MFB International customers, click the button on the right to request a quote for pricing.

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Purchasing For Multi-Pilot Accounts

Multi-pilot accounts are great for crews who wish to manage ForeFlight access for two or more pilots in a single administrative interface. Establishing a shared group account enables helpful administrative control features. EFB managers can log in to ForeFlight’s web-based dashboard to add or remove users and devices, monitor data and software currency compliance on each device, and easily distribute documents to every pilot’s iPad. To use a Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) for purchase of ForeFlight MFB, email and and cc

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Global Data & Chart Coverage

ForeFlight MFB integrates the global data set of the DAFIF, AQP pages, and D-FLIP terminal procedures, airport diagrams, and enroute charts, all within the ForeFlight app.

MFB also includes the full library of VFR charts, IFR High and Low Enroutes, SIDs, STARs, approach plates, airport diagrams, A/FD, and CFS from the FAA and NAV CANADA, global mission planning charts, data-driven Aeronautical Maps, and optional Jeppesen chart library integration.


Built-in Catalog of Documents & Publications

Download and access all D-FLIP, including Area Planning pubs, the Flight Information Handbook, General Planning, Supplements, VFR Routes, and more from the ForeFlight library.

Cloud Documents

Securely import and distribute flight manuals, operating handbooks, or special procedures to every flight crew member via a connected cloud service like Amazon S3 or


Geo-Referenced Approach Plates

For greater situational awareness, the library of D-FLIP, FAA, and NAVCANADA terminal procedures and airport diagrams is geo-referenced so that you can view your aircraft ownship position right on the chart.

Plates on Maps

Plates on Maps allows you to view geo-referenced approach plates and airport diagrams overlaid onto the maps view, along with hazards and weather in one seamless view.

Worldwide Military Mission Planning Charts

ForeFlight offers the only mobile solution to download and display the complete library of Joint Operations Graphics (JOG), Tactical Pilot Charts (TPC), Operational Navigation Charts (ONC), and Range charts. The charts use the newest format standard in military digital chart technology, developed by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, called Enhanced Compression Raster Graphics (ECRG), and when combined with ForeFlight's compression process technology, the results are faster over-the-air (wireless) downloads, less storage space, higher resolution, and quicker load times. An innovative new Graphical Chart Manager makes it easy to select and download large areas of chart coverage.

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Add Your Jeppesen Charts in ForeFlight MFB

ForeFlight and Jeppesen are proud to announce that your Jeppesen Military Charting Service (JMCS) login credentials can now be used to integrate Jeppesen’s JMCS chart library into your ForeFlight Military Flight Bag app. Simply log on to to link your account automatically, then enter the same Jeppesen credentials in the More > Jeppesen page in ForeFlight MFB to start downloading your charts.

Jeppesen’s worldwide and comprehensive coverage makes ForeFlight Military Flight Bag a truly worldwide capability, keeping warfighters safe and effective in any AOR.

Learn More About Jeppesen Charts in ForeFlight

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ForeFlight Dispatch

Simplify your flight planning toolkit and empower your pilots with this web-based add-on to ForeFlight MFB. Dispatch provides a centralized hub for planners and pilots to collaborate on flight plans and effortlessly transfer them to the mobile app, complete with custom flight documents, weather briefing, and a fully-customizable Navlog.

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Global Flight Planning

ForeFlight Dispatch takes integrated flight planning to the next level, combining all of ForeFlight’s existing best-in-class features with new global planning capabilities like ETP/ETOPS calculations, direct control of AFTN addresses, an arsenal of route constraints for deftly handling complex airspace requirements, and much more.

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Admin & Group Account Management

ForeFlight’s Military Success Coordinator, Joey Arena, describes how to administer and optimize your unit’s Military Flight Bag account. Joey will guide you through how to configure and publish aircraft, view and manage compliance reports, and connect a Cloud Drive for seamless document distribution.


"Our crews up have conducted several amazing SAR cases during extreme winter conditions utilizing ForeFlight not only as a flight planning tool, but also to increase situational awareness during the flight. The self position, obstacles, profile view, and other functions have been extremely valuable while navigating over both water and land low level."

— USCG Aviation Forces

Military Training Routes

View Instrument, Slow, and Visual Military Training Routes directly on the Maps. MTRs appear as yellow airways and waypoints with corresponding labels. Highlight routes on the map to show the width of the corridor, its directionality, alternate segments or maneuvering areas, and waypoint crossing altitudes.

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Aerial Refueling Tracks

View Aerial Refueling Tracks for both training and operational use around the world to help plan and conduct flights that include aerial refueling. Like Military Training Routes, Aerial Refueling Tracks are built into ForeFlight’s Aeronautical Map layer, and you can enable them in the Map Settings menu in conjunction with Military Training Routes or on their own.


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Import .CRD Flight Plan Files

Import your .CRD flight plan files from mission planning systems like JMPS, CFPS, and PFPS and view them directly on ForeFlight’s map. The combined capabilities of .CRD support, mission planning charts like JOG and TPC, and the innovative Bullseye feature are a powerful solution for mission planning and execution.

METARs & TAFs from the 557th Weather Wing

Access approved weather data from the 557th Weather Wing, the official weather source for the U.S. Air Force and Army, directly in ForeFlight. This integrated weather source provides METAR and TAF data for hundreds of airports and bases in the U.S. and around the world.

557WW Icing & Turbulence

In addition to airport weather and forecasts from the 557th Weather Wing, MFB pilots can access global Icing and Turbulence map layers from the Air Force's official weather source for more informed flight planning on every continent. Like their non-MFB variants, the 557WW Icing and Turbulence layers provide altitude and time sliders to view forecasts at different time and altitudes, and ForeFlight downloads data for both layers when you Pack for a flight.

557 Weather Wing Icing and Turbulence are included in ForeFlight's MFB Performance subscription plan.

Sentry Portable ADS-B Receiver

A powerful and compact package to enhance any airman's cockpit. Access inflight weather and traffic in ForeFlight, AHRS for backup attitude with Synthetic Vision, internal WAAS GPS, 12-hour battery life, onboard storage for weather replay, and a CO sensor and alarm system for added safety. Click below to request bulk Sentry pricing or forward the link to your CO.

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Global Synthetic Vision

Fly with more confidence in all conditions and terrain with this visually stunning and high-performance hazard awareness capability for iPad. ForeFlight’s Synthetic Vision uses Jeppesen’s high-resolution terrain data sets, designed for use in certified panel-mounted avionics.

Easy DD-1801 Filing

Generate a DD-1801 PDF with your flight plan details, digitally sign it, and email it to Base Ops – right from your mobile device. The new DD-1801 filing form is available with all ForeFlight MFB subscription plans on mobile, web, and in ForeFlight Dispatch.

Learn More about Flight Plan Filing

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Offline Address Database & Search

Download address databases for U.S. states so you can search for and route to street addresses without an internet connection during a flight. Tap on a search result to locate it on the map and add it to your route, or save it as a user waypoint. Offline Address Search is available with ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.



Tactical Precision with Bullseye

Bullseye is specifically designed to enhance mission planning and tactical decision-making by providing a secure frame of reference in ForeFlight that can be shared among many pilots. Just set the bullseye using coordinates, addresses, waypoints, or any other location type, then measure your own and other’s positions relative to the Bullseye. ForeFlight automatically associates the letter B with the current Bullseye, so you can quickly add any location to your route based on its bearing and direction from the Bullseye.

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“With short-notice re-taskings, I could do the tactical mission planning entirely from ForeFlight. I briefed the Apaches on the terrain and obstacle profiles, and the waypoint setup was awesome.”

— AFSOC AC-130 Pilot

Remote Sideloading

Sideloading allows charts and data to be delivered to multiple devices by connecting them to a central computer which has the data already on it. A helpful capability if you operate in areas with slow or no internet service.

Import Custom Content

Easily import and manage a variety of custom data types via remote sideloading, email attachment, AirDrop, or hyperlink. Bulk import user waypoints, create custom overlays with KML geographic shapefiles, or bring your own geo-referenced charts to ForeFlight with support for GeoTIFF, GeoPDF, and MBTiles open source file types.

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Powerful Debriefing with 3D Review

Debrief missions with new perspectives using our upgraded 3D Review, featuring an interactive third-person mode and route line display. Follow the path of planned flights from the Maps or Flights views, and replay past flights from Track Logs or Logbook entries with realistic pitch and bank if recorded with an AHRS-capable device. Available with MFB Performance plans.

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