We’re here to help your flight department adopt ForeFlight Mobile with documents to assist with the approval process for EASA and other international regulators.

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Who This is For

Business Aviation operators seeking EASA approval to fly with ForeFlight Mobile
This regulatory approval package is provided for flight departments and other multi-pilot operators who require and have not yet received regulatory approval from EASA (or a regulator operating under similar rules as EASA) to adopt ForeFlight Mobile for inflight use.

Who This is Not For

Business Aviation operators seeking FAA approval to fly with ForeFlight Mobile
Flight departments who require FAA approval to fly with ForeFlight Mobile should fill out the form on this page to request ForeFlight’s EFB Approval Kit from our Sales team.

Individual Pilots
If you are an individual pilot conducting non-commercial flights then you do not require regulatory approval to begin using ForeFlight Mobile for your personal flying. Request a 30-day free trial of ForeFlight Mobile with worldwide Jeppesen chart coverages to see how well they go together.

Military Pilots
Military pilots flying with JeppFD should contact their Jeppesen Account Director to discuss the transition away from Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck.

What's Included

The documents below provide ForeFlight product information and guidance material for customers applying for Type B approval within the EASA framework.

These documents are provided by both ForeFlight and Jeppesen and cover all aspects of applying for Type B approval for navigational use. The documents include a compliance matrix, risk assessment guidance (including HMI assessment description), and ForeFlight weather layer legends.

After authenticating with your existing ForeFlight account you can choose to download all the documents at once using the "Download All" button, or download each document individually. Note that some individual document download buttons will download multiple versions of the same document in different file formats, and your browser may prompt you to allow this.