ForeFlight on
Apple Watch

Experience the convenience of ForeFlight at the flip of your wrist with quick access to local weather and airport information for preflight planning and more! Visit the Watch app on your iPhone to install the ForeFlight Watch app and customize your Watch Face with our complications.

ForeFlight on Apple Watch Support


ForeFlight on Apple Watch is available with ForeFlight version 15.7 and above on watchOS version 9.4 and above.
For FAQs and troubleshooting steps, visit our Support Center.

Convenient Information At-a-Glance

Whether planning your next flight or a simple family outing, ForeFlight on Apple Watch makes it easy to quickly check essential information for your current location, destination, or anywhere else without reaching for your phone.

Home Screen

Your home base for reviewing local weather and conditions at your Favorite, Recent, and nearby airports.

Local Weather

Check out current conditions, sunrise and sunset times, and the daily/hourly forecast, anywhere, any time.

Airports View

Access a wealth of weather information plus frequencies, runways, and NOTAMs for any airport in seconds.

Watch Face

Give your watch face a makeover with powerful complications like current conditions, temperature, winds, and more.

Watch Face Complications

One-Tap Access
Add the ForeFlight app icon to your Apple Watch face for easy access to local weather, forecasts, nearby airports, and more with a single tap.

Weather Information Where You Need It
Elevate your watch’s face with trustworthy weather information at a glance. Choose from complications for local weather conditions, temperature and dew point, and wind speed and direction. Each complication can adapt to different watch face configurations for maximum flexibility.

Your Go-To for Local Weather

Check the weather for your flight in an hour or in a week with plainly-useful weather information derived from ForeFlight’s Daily/Hourly Forecast.

Detailed Current Conditions
A scrollable “now-cast” for your exact location provides an overview of this hour’s temperature and dew point, winds, weather conditions, pressure, and more, as well as sunrise and sunset times.

Need an Umbrella?
Plan your day with an hour-by-hour forecast of flight category, conditions, ceiling, visibility, winds, temperature and dew point, and precipitation chances.

Plan Ahead - Way Ahead
Check the 10-day forecast for essentail daily weather information, plus a color-coded flight category timeline to help you anticipate the timing of less-than-VFR conditions.

Explore Airports Near & Far

Find detailed airport information with essential weather and elevation information at top of Airport view. 

All the Airport Weather
Under the Weather section of an airport, find the most current METARs, TAFs, and the MOS with noted expiration times, along with daily and hourly weather and winds.  

Search no further than your watch to find an airport’s CTAF/UNICOM, ATIS, Clearance, Ground and Tower frequencies. In the same scroll find nearby approach frequencies and flight service phone numbers.

Runways and NOTAMs
The Runways section provides runway numbers with current crosswind components, traffic pattern direction, runway material, and length. Additionally locate all live NOTAMs from your watch as ForeFlight highlights critical words and statuses such as “Out of Service” and “Closed”.