Dispatch’s API allows ForeFlight to integrate with scheduling software, flight service providers, and other systems to enhance your entire operation. Learn more about Dispatch's API by reviewing the API documentation and the API release history.

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Integrate ForeFlight Dispatch with your preferred crew scheduling system to automatically ingest newly-scheduled flights into Dispatch as flight plans, complete with all relevant information your flight planners need to start working on the flight right away.

Create and change flight schedules using the most up to date information with BART. Automatically receive scheduled flights in ForeFlight Dispatch and easily update enroute times in BART with those computed by ForeFlight's flight planning engine. More information is available here.

Airplane Manager is an integrated flight operations software with intuitive flight scheduling. To enable the integration, generate an API Key in ForeFlight Dispatch and paste it into in Airplane Manager in Settings > Integrations > ForeFlight.

Leon is a comprehensive flight scheduling and operations software, which automatically sends scheduled flights to Dispatch every five minutes. More information is available here

SD Pro’s PreFlight module allows operators to more efficiently schedule, manage and operate their aircraft for the ideal passenger experience. Users of the PreFlight module have the ability to send scheduled trips to Dispatch for flight plan creation. Contact Satcom Direct for more information.

TripPlanning.Biz is a self-serve solution that simplifies the trip planning process for corporate flight departments. To configure the integration, generate an API Key and paste it into the Integrations section of the Configuration menu in TripPlanning.Biz.

FL3XX is a complete system for charter sales, ops, rosters, maintenance, and reports. Easily sync flight details to ForeFlight, make integrated flight releases from FL3XX, and more. Activate by copying your ForeFlight API key into your FL3XX Company Settings. Contact FL3XX to learn more.

Flightdocs Flight Operations provides a single platform to manage every aspect of your flight department including full-featured flight scheduling. Contact customerservice@flightdocs.com to find out more. 

PFM Scheduling is customized to reduce duplication of effort and allow all parties, from schedulers, to crew and passengers, be informed and part of the process. Contact PFM here for more information.

JetInsight is a next generation fleet management software for Part 135 operations that is simple, intuitive, and designed to help you get your job done faster. The system is cloud-based, designed for mobile, and comprehensive, integrating all functions of your charter and fleet management business. Reach out to learn more.

Skylegs is a complete aviation management platform for aircraft operators, who manage commercial, private and specialized flights. The integration with ForeFlight allows automatic flight syncing and accurate flight time calculation in Skylegs, document attachment and retrieval, and post-fight data sync. Contact Skylegs today to learn more.

Charter and Go offers a next generation flight scheduling and quoting solution using the latest technologies designed to provide a frictionless experience to the operator, including an integrated solution with ForeFlight Dispatch. Charter and Go pushes schedules to ForeFlight and stores flight plans in Charter and Go for operator convenience. Contact Charter and Go to learn more.

AVIATOS is a crew and aircraft scheduling application that supports both automatic and manual flight syncing to keep flight details in sync with ForeFlight. Contact AVIATOS to learn more.

With 25 years of experience, FT Primus by FlightTrack is a flight scheduling solution for Part 91 operators. To enable the integration, generate an API Key in ForeFlight Dispatch and paste it into Settings > System Configuration > Third Party in FT Primus. Contact support@flighttrak.com to learn more.

SkyNet REACH® Day Of Operations offers operational tools that deliver a tactical and real-time fleet view and reporting across entire fleets. Now offering integration with ForeFlight, REACH is capable of encompassing the full set of flight preparation steps aircrews must undertake to conduct flights in a way that aligns with the evolving needs of flight operations departments and clients. Contact SkyNet to learn more.

LevelFlight by Fly Compliant offers web-based compliance management, scheduling, and quoting from any web browser or mobile device.  To enable the integration, generate an API Key in ForeFlight Dispatch and paste it into More > Operations > ForeFlight in LevelFlight.

Schedaero, an Avinode Group solution, is a highly customizable fleet management software made for business aviation operators. The cloud-based platform streamlines the entire workflow from quoting to post-flight operations, allowing operators to remain compliant while increasing profits and efficiency. Get Started with the Foreflight integration and Contact Schedaero to learn more.

Avianis is an enterprise flight management solution designed for both private and commercial operations. The integration with Dispatch offers several features, including the auto-creation of flights, bidirectional itinerary change management, utilization of ForeFlight flight time estimations and routing within Avianis, and streamlining the flight release process in both applications with a single action. For more information on Avianis, click here.

The myairops® platform offers a diverse range of solutions designed specifically for corporate flight departments, part-91/part-135 operations, and medical operators. The automatic two-way sync ensures seamless data updates across platforms, effectively minimizing administrative burdens and maintaining data consistency. Reach out to sales@myairops.com to learn more.


Integrate ForeFlight Dispatch with your flight service provider to give them direct access to your flight plans within Dispatch, enabling fast and hassle-free flight support whenever you need it.

Jeppesen’s International Trip Planning Services (ITPS) is a complete trip support provider assisting operators worldwide with flight planning, fueling, ground handling, and more. Jeppesen’s Flight Dispatch and Mission Planning Services offers the services of expert flight dispatchers to support operators’ unique needs. Together, ForeFlight Dispatch and Jeppesen’s flight services provide integrated flight planning and support that is reliable, flexible, and efficient.

Honeywell Forge connects your operations with in-flight connectivity, cockpit datalink communications, real time tracking, and 24x7 support and flight services. Contact ForeFlight at success@foreflight.com to start automatically sending flight plans to Forge today!

UAS is a global network of aviation professionals creating bespoke solutions to improve and simplify business and commercial aviation operational efficiency at every step of the value chain.


Flexibly integrate ForeFlight Dispatch with your existing tools and services to leverage its next-generation flight planning engine and enhance your operation.

Preflight Mitigator is an intuitive safety management software solution that will help organizations effectively administer their safety management system (SMS). The software integrates all four elements of the SMS — Policy, Risk Management, Assurance, and Promotion — and is designed to streamline processes and enhance standards across the organization. To book a demo, contact support@preflightmitigator.com or visit their website.

Baldwin Safety & Compliance's core business of safety management (SMS) supports global organizations crafting scalable and intuitive safety programs & training products. Baldwin’s team of highly experienced & credentialed safety professionals are available 24/7 to support its diverse client base. Baldwin clients can contact support@baldwinaviation.com to start receiving key flight and trip information.

Air Trail's suite of compliance automation tools help regional airlines spend less time and money on paperwork, so that they can focus on growing their businesses. Sync your flights and NavLogs from ForeFlight directly to your electronic logbooks in Air Trail, to increase accuracy of data across your operation's documents. Contact support@airtrail.co to link your ForeFlight and Air Trail accounts.

AviationManuals is a leading provider of compliance and safety solutions for the business aviation industry. AviationManuals' subscription service makes it easy to get everything you need all in one solution. Content services with the ARC platform allow you to monitor news and updates, see global safety metrics, and manage your operation. Contact sales@aviationmanuals.com or visit their website to request a demo.

Polaris Aero is an aviation software company specializing in risk analysis and safety management systems (SMS) on the VOCUS platform. FlightRisk, integrated with ForeFlight Dispatch, takes the guesswork out of safety and is built to help flight operations achieve and maintain the highest level of organizational safety while meeting international requirements.

The Osprey Flight Solutions suite offers advanced aviation risk management solutions. Utilizing a data-driven approach that integrates broad-spectrum open-source data, technology, and top-tier analysis, the platform provides instant situational intelligence to organizations within and connected to the aviation sector. To book a demo, contact info@ospreyfs.com or visit their website.

Aircrew Dosimetry (ACD), an ISO 17025 accredited service, is widely accepted in regions where aircrew dosimetry services are mandated or recommended. ACD offers tailored service levels to precisely match your regional requirements and seamlessly integrates with customers' ForeFlight data via an API key, ensuring a streamlined, hands-off experience for their clients. Contact Aircrew Dosimetry to learn more.


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