Get the View at Altitude with 3D Review

The newest addition to ForeFlight’s suite of 3D capabilities lets you follow the path of a planned or recorded flight with high-resolution terrain and aerial imagery. Preview planned flights from the Maps or Flights views, and replay past flights from Track Logs or Logbook entries with realistic pitch and bank if recorded with an AHRS-capable device. Pan and zoom within the interactive 3D View to get a full 360° perspective of the route environment. 3D Review is included in ForeFlight Performance plans. 


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View the World in 3D

3D View and 3D Review are supported for any flight or airport in ForeFlight, anywhere in the world. By combining aerial imagery with Jeppesen-sourced high-resolution terrain for every continent, these features let you explore airports and plan or relive flights near and far with ease.

Review at your own Pace

No matter how long the flight, 3D Review lets you get through it as quickly or slowly as you like. Play the flight on autopilot at 1x, 3x, 5x, 10x, or 20x normal speed, or swipe through the timeline to get to the best parts right away. You can also zoom within the timeline itself to see more granular time markers.

Debrief with Attitude

Review flights recorded with an AHRS-capable device to see your actual pitch and bank displayed in 3D Review. Easily evaluate your turns and other maneuvers with real-time replay, or tap the AHRS button in the top-right to disable attitude display and focus on your flight path.

Take in the View

Keep your head on a swivel with full 360° Glance Mode support. Swipe with one finger to enter Glance Mode and pan or zoom to investigate your surroundings in any direction. Tap the circular indicator to return to a forward-facing view or wait for Glance Mode to exit automatically after 5 seconds.

Explore Airports From a New Perspective

Airport 3D View is an interactive preview that combines terrain and aerial imagery to help you get familiar with new airports anywhere in the world. Whether you're preparing for a challenging approach or daydreaming about new places to fly, 3D View provides new and unique vantage points that prepare you for the real thing. Airport 3D in included in ForeFlight Performance plans.


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Next-Generation Airport Familiarization

Airport 3D View goes beyond the static airport familiarization chart, delivering a unique and interactive tool to explore a photorealistic 3D representation of the airport layout and the surrounding terrain. Visualize your takeoff or landing on any runway to more effectively and efficiently prepare for flights and approaches into any airport worldwide.

Discover New and Unique Vantage Points

Airport 3D View puts you behind the camera lens, with full motion control so you can preview every perspective. Pan and zoom 360° around any airport and up to 15 nautical miles away, and tilt the camera from 3° to 89° to preview any viewing angle.

Brief Your Approach with Glideslope Preview

Select a runway to get the view from short final. 3D View automatically places the camera along the published glideslope of airports with known approaches, providing a snapshot of terrain and ground features to help you prepare for the real thing.

3D View, Anywhere

Access 3D View for any location on Earth, not just airports. The combination of high-resolution terrain and aerial imagery allows you to see a realistic representation of anywhere on the map. Tap-hold on the map and tap the 3D button in the upper-right corner to begin exploring.

Integrated Crosswind

The small compass and airport diagram doesn’t just help you find your bearings - it also displays a windsock icon on the selected runway so you can plan for a crosswind correction.

Packed & Ready

ForeFlight automatically downloads terrain and aerial data for any airport in your route when you Pack for the flight, ensuring you have access in the air as you prepare for arrival.