ForeFlight Mobile


ForeFlight taps you into the real-time flow of data and information in the national air traffic control system to allow you to file your route of flight, get briefings, and communicate more effectively with air traffic control.

More Efficient Form-Based Planning

The Flights view is a full-featured, form-based view designed to boost the speed and efficiency of your planning, briefing and filing workflow. Build your route, file a flight plan, generate a graphical weather briefing, print a navlog for inflight reference, and more.

WATCH: Enhanced Flight Planning in ForeFlight

File IFR & VFR Flight Plans

File IFR and VFR flight plans from ForeFlight Mobile or on the web. File IFR flights to and from the US and within Canada, Caribbean, Bahamas, and Mexico using the ICAO flight plan format.

VFR Flight Plans To & From Canada

ForeFlight also supports filing intra-Canada and cross-border VFR flight plans between the US and Canada. VFR flight plans should be opened in the country of departure and closed in the destination country. For a Canada-to-US flight, close your flight plan by calling 1-800-WXBRIEF or through the Tower. For a US-to-Canada VFR flight, close your flight plan by calling 1-866-WXBRIEF.

Learn More About Filing Canadian VFR Flight Plans

Get Comfortable with ICAO

The FAA is soon discontinuing support of the domestic flight plan form, and all civil aircraft will be required to use the ICAO format when filing both VFR and IFR flight plans.

Filing ICAO with ForeFlight is easy. This video walks you through filing a flight plan using the ICAO flight plan format, including how to set up the necessary fields in your aircraft profile.

Activate, Amend, Cancel, Close

Once a US plan is filed, it can be activated, amended, cancelled, and even closed directly from the app. ForeFlight speaks directly to Lockheed Martin Flight Service to ensure your flight plan requests are expedited into the Air Traffic Control system. We also send you an email copy of each request for your records.

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Flight Notifications

Once you’ve filed, ForeFlight will automatically send a push notification to your app when your flight plan is acknowledged by Air Traffic Control, when Air Traffic Control issues a revised expected route, and even when Adverse Weather Conditions arise that may affect your flight.

ForeFlight Graphical Briefing

After you file your flight plan, generate a preflight weather briefing. ForeFlight's Graphical Briefing transforms the standard text briefing information and delivers it in a visually elegant design for better readability. Graphical Briefing content is derived from approved government sources – includes adverse conditions, synopsis, current conditions, enroute and destination forecasts, NOTAMs, and more.

Learn More About Graphical Briefing

Go By Your Callsign

If you operate with an FAA-registered call sign, you can enter that information into your flight plan form. Your N-registered tail number will stay visible to ATC via the Remarks section.

The call sign field is disabled by default; to enable it, go to More > Settings > File & Brief and tap “Enable Call Sign Field”.

Learn more about registering for a callsign on the FAA’s website.