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The portable Stratus 3 is an affordable ADS-B In solution that delivers invaluable weather, traffic, GPS data, and backup attitude information to your iPad and iPhone.

Transform Your iPad into the Ultimate Flight Tool

The Stratus 3 portable, wireless ADS-B receiver delivers solid performance in a pilot-friendly design. Single-button operation means you can just connect and go and an 8-hour battery life keeps you flying all day. Stratus is designed to work hand-in-glove with ForeFlight and is a joy to fly with. Made in USA.

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Stratus 3 Features:

  • Subscription-free ADS-B weather
  • Dual-band ADS-B Traffic (978 MHz / 1090ES)
  • Built-in WAAS GPS
  • Backup Attitude (AHRS)
  • Barometer (for Pressure Altitude)
  • Firmware updates through ForeFlight
  • All-day battery life, over 8 hours
  • Onboard storage for Weather Replay
  • Flight Data Recorder
  • Optional Remote ADS-B or GPS Antenna
  • Connect up to 5 devices via Wi-Fi
  • $699.00

Subscription-Free Weather

Stratus enables inflight subscription-free ADS-B weather. METARs, TAFs, animated regional NEXRAD, CONUS NEXRAD, NOTAMs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, TFRs, winds and temperatures aloft, and PIREPS are all delivered over the air.


Stratus ReplayStratus Replay provides automatic 30 minute storage of FIS-B data. Sleep the iPad and then receive a burst of updates when the iPad wakes. If there is more than one iPad connected, each iPad will be synced to have the same data replayed. ForeFlight will also animate ADS-B radar, looping up to 30 minutes of NEXRAD while in flight.

Amazingly reliable and easy.

GPS Position

The fast-locking, WAAS GPS aboard Stratus enables features like geo-referenced plates, moving map, and own-ship position on taxi diagrams. With WAAS, you will frequently see 1 meter accuracy or better.


When connected to Stratus, ForeFlight Mobile can display dual band (978 MHz and 1090 MHz) air-to-air, ADS-R, and TIS-B traffic. ForeFlight’s traffic system supports mixed-mode display of both directional and nondirectional targets.

Stratus is a top value.
— Paul Bertorelli Editor, Aviation Consumer

Backup Attitude

Stratus 3 includes a complete Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) for backup attitude information in the cockpit. It aligns itself automatically, so you can just turn it on and fly. For Synthetic Vision subscribers, attitude information is displayed on top of terrain. Works in portrait or landscape, split screen and full screen.
(not to be used for primary reference)

Learn About Synthetic Vision

The responsiveness and accuracy of the Stratus AHRS was nothing short of incredible.

Complete Network Coverage

Stratus connects to the nationwide ADS-B ground station network. This network is part of the FAA’s transformation of the National Airspace System and implementation of NextGen programs. ADS-B towers broadcast Flight Information (weather and NOTAMs) and Traffic Information services which greatly enhance pilot safety.
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