ForeFlight Voyager is your first-class ticket to airport exploration in the era of spatial computing! Whether you’re planning your next flight or dreaming of the perfect getaway, Voyager transports you to airports near and far with a stunning 3D view and live traffic display.

Available exclusively on Apple Vision Pro.



The Ultimate Playground for Aviation Enthusiasts

Embark on a journey like never before with ForeFlight Voyager. Tailored for the aviation enthusiast in all of us, Voyager is a free app that gives you a front-row seat at the busiest airports around the world. Whether you're planning for an upcoming flight, recalling past ones, or just plane watching from the comfort of your living room, Voyager takes you to airports near and far with stunning 3D views and live traffic displays.

ForeFlight Voyager Newsletter

Air Traffic Radio

Access live radio communications at supported airports with the new LiveATC integration. Simply tap the tower button while viewing a supported airport to activate the radio. Select any frequency by tapping it. Live listener counts for each frequency are also displayed in the frequency list.

Rotation Support

View an airport from any angle without moving your feet with new support for rotating Voyager’s disk. Using both hands, grab the disk and move your hands in the direction you wish to rotate the disk. While rotating, 15° tick marks and a large N for North will appear above the disk to help you follow its orientation.

Immersive 3D Exploration

Combining satellite imagery with high-resolution terrain data, Voyager dynamically generates 3D depictions of airports and their surroundings directly in front of you. Explore airports from any angle and quickly access real-time weather conditions and location information.

Dynamic Air Traffic Visualization

Voyager goes beyond static maps by providing real-time insight into air traffic near an airport. Experience interactive visuals of various aircraft types at their true, to-scale altitudes, complete with realistic pitch and bank angles.

In-Depth Aircraft Information

Tap on any aircraft in the 3D environment to access detailed information, including its flight plan, aircraft type, and live speed, altitude, and heading indicators. Gain a front-row perspective on the skies as you stay informed about the real-time dynamics of each aircraft. 

Effortless Navigation

Choose from Featured Airports or sort by proximity and search for any airport using name, identifier, or city. Save favorites for quick access or revisit recently viewed airports. Voyager ensures straightforward exploration tailored to your preferences.