ForeFlight 10.5
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This release adds Synthetic Vision on iPhone, chart coverage for Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Iceland, maps in Logbook, flight document sharing, and more.

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Synthetic Vision Arrives on iPhone

ForeFlight’s advanced hazard awareness capability and backup attitude indicator is now available on the iPhone, and it looks fantastic! See detailed 3D terrain, obstacles, and runways in full screen Portrait or Landscape mode, and pair with an AHRS-capable ADS-B receiver like Sentry or compatible Garmin equipment for dynamic backup attitude and traffic display. The iPhone also supports Glance Mode, allowing you to swipe within Synthetic Vision to view terrain and traffic in any direction.

Synthetic Vision is included in Pro Plus subscriptions and above, and is available on all supported iPhones other than the iPhone 5, 5S, and iPhone SE.

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Interactive Maps in Logbook

Logbook entries now display your flight route on an interactive map, providing a helpful reference when reviewing entries. The route is overlaid on the Aeronautical Map layer, and you can zoom in to examine your taxi movements on embedded airport diagrams. ForeFlight depicts the actual route when there is an associated Track Log for the flight, or the planned route if no Track Log is linked.

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Flight Document Sharing

You can now share your flight’s detailed Navlog and ICAO Flight Plan form as a combined PDF using the updated Send To menu in the top right of Flights. Send the auto-generated PDF to other pilots or crew members via AirDrop, email, text, or through other apps on your device. You can also share the Navlog or flight plan form by themselves in the same way.

Step Climb Indicators

ForeFlight will now let you know when a step climb is required to reach a planned flight’s final cruise altitude by adding indicators in Route Advisor, Altitude Advisor, and the flight plan filing form. To see where in the flight the step takes place, look in the Navlog’s altitude column. Step climb support is included in ForeFlight’s Performance Plus and Business Performance subscription plans.

2018 iPad Pro Support

ForeFlight is the first flight deck app to support native resolution for the new 11-in Apple iPad Pro. ForeFlight is optimized to take advantage of the iPad Pro’s new A12X Bionic processor, powerful new graphics processor, and larger edge-to-edge 11-inch diagonal Liquid Retina display.

Our co-founder and CEO, Tyson Weihs, had this to say:
The new iPads look beautiful. We just flew with it and the brightness is amazing, Face ID unlocked with glasses and headset on, tap to wake is great, Apple Pencil is now table stakes on the flight deck.

Charts for Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, & Iceland

Our Europe coverage continues to expand with AIPs for four new countries and optional VFR add-ons to support them:

  • AIPs for Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Iceland (included with Europe region)
  • Rogers Data VFR Trip Kit and VFR 500K chart for Austria
  • DFS Visual 500 charts for Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg
  • CartaBossy VFR charts for Belgium and Luxembourg
  • Jeppesen VFR procedure charts for Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg

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