ForeFlight 12.1 
Now Available!

This release includes runway NOTAMs in Procedure Advisor, new Route Constraints for the Recommended Route, and Altitude Slider Auto Mode. 


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Runway NOTAMs in Procedure Advisor

Procedure Advisor warns you of runway closures and other NOTAMs affecting airports in your route, giving you easier access to critical flight planning information. When viewing the list of runways for departures, approaches, arrivals, or traffic patterns in Procedure Advisor, ForeFlight adds a “See NOTAM” or “Rwy Closed” tag to any runway that is closed or partially closed by NOTAM.

New Recommended Route Constraints

Route Advisor supports additional constraint types for the Recommended Route, giving you more flexibility to tailor routes to your own needs. The new constraints allow you to include or exclude any waypoint from your route, and avoid any FIR, helping you reduce overflight fees and steer clear of dangerous airspace. Route Constraints and the Recommended Route are available with ForeFlight Performance plans. 


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Altitude Slider Auto Mode

Reduce your inflight workload by having ForeFlight automatically move the altitude slider for altitude-based weather layers to match your current altitude. After takeoff, an Auto button appears above the altitude slider when any altitude-based weather layer is displayed, such as Winds Aloft, Icing and Turbulence, and ADS-B Cloud Tops.