ForeFlight 12.7 
Now Available!

This release includes weather in 3D Preview, Visual Approaches and Traffic Pattern Altitude, Internet Traffic Search, and more. 


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Weather in 3D Preview

Enable U.S. or Global Icing and Turbulence layers using the new layer selector in 3D Preview to display forecast weather along your route. 3D View depicts forecast weather as floating colored blocks that use the same color scale to represent forecast severity as the overhead map and Profile View. Use the altitude slider on the right to view weather at different altitudes, and tap the RTE button at the top of the altitude slider to only show weather at the same altitude as your route.

Weather in 3D Preview is included in ForeFlight’s Performance Plus plans.


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Visual Approaches and Traffic Pattern Altitude

Specify the pattern altitude for a new visual approach or traffic pattern entry in Procedure Advisor to add a prominent waypoint with the TPA in your route. Enter a custom traffic pattern altitude in either MSL or AGL formats, or tap the Select button to choose from a list of recommended pattern altitudes. Select the type of traffic pattern entry or a straight in approach and tap Add to Route to insert the pattern entry with marked TPA waypoint into your route.


Internet Traffic Search

Find active Internet Traffic targets anywhere in the world by typing a tail number or call sign into the Search bar. ForeFlight displays matches for partial and complete search terms under an “Internet Traffic” header in the Search results list. Tap on any traffic result to reposition the map and highlight the aircraft, which will also enable the Traffic layer if it isn’t already.


FBO Detail Enhancements

The FBO detail view now displays self- and full-service fuel prices for both 100LL and Jet-A or Jet-A+ in a more compact table. Information about contract Jet-A pricing via your JetFuelX fuel cards is also now available above the retail fuel prices at the top of the Information tab, rather than in a separate tab. 

Integrating your JetFuelX fuel cards into ForeFlight is available with ForeFlight Performance plans.