ForeFlight 13.2 
Now Available!

This release includes Flight Binders in Plates, expanded Place Labels, and more.


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Flight Binders in Plates

Quickly gather, organize, and access the plates you need for an entire flight using new Flight Binders for a more seamless planning and inflight experience. New flight binders automatically suggest airports and procedures based on the most relevant routes from the Maps or Flights views, and you can also select from the full list of your planned flights. Flight binders organize plates by category in a vertical column on the left side of the screen, with all airport diagrams, SIDs/STARs, approaches, and miscellaneous plates for each airport all grouped together and accessible with a single button. Your existing plate binders are still accessible under Other Binders in the new slide-out Plate Binders drawer.

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Expanded Place Labels

ForeFlight’s collection of Place Labels has grown by 100-fold, with over 1.4 million labels now available for the entire globe. Included are labels for countries, states/provinces, cities/towns/villages, national parks, bodies of water like oceans, lakes, and rivers, and more. The expanded set of place labels is included in the High Resolution Basemap download for each region (More > Downloads > Download Settings), and you can enable and disable them near the top of the Map Settings menu (gear button in Maps toolbar).


Files in Flights Navlog & Briefing

Easily attach a flight’s Navlog, Graphical Briefing (PDF), and flight plan filing form to the flight’s Files menu for simplified record keeping and inflight access. When viewing a Navlog, Briefing, or raw filing form in Flights, tap the Send To button in the top right and tap Save to Flight’s Files to add a copy of the document to the Files menu where you can rename and annotate it. 

Files in Flights is available with ForeFlight Performance plans.