Introducing ForeFlight Performance

Powerful planning for high-performance aircraft, plus new Flights view streamlines your planning and filing workflow, global Jeppesen high-resolution terrain and obstacle data for everyone, and more.

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ForeFlight 9.1 is available on the App Store.

Introducing ForeFlight Performance Planning

Fly fast? Plan faster with ForeFlight Performance – a powerful suite of features that simplify complex planning for pilots and flight departments who own, operate, and fly high-performance aircraft. ForeFlight Performance includes a built-in library of detailed aircraft performance models that produce accurate flight time and fuel burn, a sophisticated flight planning engine that generates valid wind-optimized routes between any two airports in the world, high-fidelity fuel and payload planning, and more – all presented in a user-friendly interface that simplifies your planning workflow.
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New Subscription Plans for Performance

Our new high-performance planning features are part of two new subscription plans: Performance Plus for individuals and Business Performance for multi-pilot flight departments.

ForeFlight Performance for Individuals
ForeFlight Performance for Flight Departments

Learn More About ForeFlight Performance Planning

  • How to set up performance profiles
  • Plan with the new Flights view
  • Add fuel and payload
  • File, brief, generate a navlog, and more

Watch the Full Video Series

Watch the video: Tour the new Flights view

New Flights Interface Streamlines Planning Workflow

The File & Brief view is now Flights. All customers will see this newly designed interface that streamlines your preflight planning workflow. In one neatly organized form-based planning view, you can quickly build a route using Route and Altitude Advisors, generate a graphical weather briefing, file a flight plan, and print a detailed navlog to reference during flight.

Professional-Grade Printable Navlog

From the Flights view, print or email a detailed navlog trip sheet that you can use to track actual performance against planned during flight. The navlog includes flight and fuel summary information, TOC, TOD, synthetic waypoints along track, a wind and temperature aloft table for quick reference, and more. All customers have access to the printable Navlog.

Global Jeppesen Terrain & Obstacle Data for Everyone

Jeppesen’s global high-resolution terrain and obstacle data now comes standard in every ForeFlight plan, making ForeFlight's powerful mobile hazard awareness features and Synthetic Vision better than ever.

Learn More About the ForeFlight + Jeppesen Partnership


ForeFlight’s Synthetic Vision now uses Jeppesen’s high-resolution terrain data sets, designed for use in certified panel-mounted avionics, and is available worldwide to all customers who have Synthetic Vision.


ForeFlight’s Hazard Advisor map overlay and Profile view integrate Jeppesen’s worldwide obstacle data giving you a clear picture of any terrain or obstacle hazards ahead, anywhere you fly.

A Faster Way to Import Custom Map Layers

We’ve streamlined the process to import User Map Layers for viewing in ForeFlight. You can now easily import your custom KML files from a hyperlink, email attachment, or AirDrop.

New User Content Tab

In addition to the Maps layer selector, you can browse and select User Map Layers (and User Waypoints) via the new User Content tab in the More view.
Learn More About User Map Layers

More Options for Avionics Connectivity

Learn More About ForeFlight Avionics Connectivity

Garmin: ADS-B Weather with Flight Stream 510

Display ADS-B METARs, TAFs, and PIREPs in ForeFlight Mobile when connected to a Garmin Flight Stream 510.

Avidyne: Two-Way Flight Plan Transfer

Get in the air faster using two-way flight plan transfer capability with Avidyne's IFD550/540/440 navigators.

Expanded Radar Coverage

ForeFlight’s Radar (Composite) layer now covers Europe, Australia, and Japan – adding to our expanding global weather coverage which already includes Satellite, graphical SIGMETs, winds aloft, current flight category, and more.

New in ForeFlight Military Flight Bag

The DD-175 Military Flight Plan Form is now available for download in the DOD Documents Catalog.