Jeppesen Global Enroute Charts

Available now for all customers who have purchased or linked Jeppesen chart coverages.

Also in this release: New global Icing, Turbulence, & Surface Analysis layers, enterprise Aircraft Manager, expanded connectivity options, and more.

ForeFlight 9.4 is available on the App Store.

Jeppesen Data-Driven VFR & IFR Enroute Charts

Customers who have purchased or linked Jeppesen chart coverages can now download* the entire set of global VFR and IFR Enroute charts, with no additional cost or configuration required. Jeppesen's data-driven (and full paper replacement capable) enroute charts are dynamic, responsive, and seamlessly integrated into ForeFlight.

Jeppesen for Individuals
Jeppesen for Business

*Please note the following devices do not support the Jeppesen enroute chart download: iPad Mini (1st Gen), iPad 2, iPad 3rd Gen, and iPhone 5.

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Global Turbulence, Icing, & Surface Analysis Weather Layers

ForeFlight's industry-leading weather visualization capabilities are now better than ever. Five new dynamic Map layers graphically depict global icing, turbulence, and surface analysis forecasts, giving you the tools you need for more informed flight planning. You can view these layers on both mobile and on the web. Check out this article for a deeper dive into these new weather features.

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Available in Pro Plus and Performance Plus individual plans, as well as Business Performance and MFB Performance plans.

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Aircraft Manager Keeps Flight Departments in Sync

For the most accurate and consistent flight planning experience, multi-pilot account administrators can create, edit, and share aircraft profiles with the team and easily publish configuration changes that automatically sync to all pilot accounts.
Available in the Business Performance plan.

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RAIM Prediction in Navlog

ForeFlight's detailed Navlog now includes RAIM prediction to alert pilots if GPS outages are expected along the route. The alert indicates the affected portion of the flight (departure, destination, or enroute) so pilots can modify the flight plan accordingly prior to filing. RAIM service coverage currently includes flights within Continental US, Alaska, and Hawaii. Available in Performance Plus, Business Performance, and MFB Performance plans.

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Planning in Flights View Keeps Getting Better

Smart Search Airport Lookup

Tap the departure, destination, and alternate airport fields on Flights to select from a curated list of recent and favorite airports. You can also search airport names, city names, and airport identifiers. The list automatically filters as you type.

Radar on Route Preview

The Route Preview now shows composite radar overlaid on the map. Tap the map to enter a larger, interactive split-screen mode.

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Connectivity Enhancements

We continue to expand our ForeFlight Connect program with these exciting announcements:

New Partner: Satcom Direct

In aircraft equipped with the Satcom Direct Router, connect ForeFlight to the SDR and receive GPS location, groundspeed, and indicated altitude.
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Expanded uAvionix Support

Customers flying with EchoUAT and SkyEcho ADS-B transceivers can now connect to them to receive inflight data in ForeFlight Mobile.
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Avidyne IFD 550 AHRS Support

Connect to the Avidyne IFD550 FMS and receive AHRS data to drive the dynamic pitch and bank display in ForeFlight's Synthetic Vision view.
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ForeFlight Logbook Now Supports OOOI Fields

For the most accurate flight logging, ForeFlight Logbook now has the option to use Time Out/Off/On/In fields. These fields are standard for most professional pilots and operators flying larger aircraft, and allows you to easily capture crew block time and aircraft air time. You can show or hide these fields on flight entry forms using a single toggle switch in the Logbook Settings menu.

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