It's Time for ForeFlight 9

Checklist, Glide Advisor™ , import User Map Shapes, Light & Dark App Color Themes,
stream SiriusXM Satellite Radio with SXAR1, and more.

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ForeFlight 9 is available on the App Store now.

Consolidate Your Toolset with Integrated ForeFlight Checklist

We've integrated one of the most important aviation tools into the app you already use for every phase of flight. With ForeFlight Checklist, you can reduce cockpit clutter, keep critical safety procedures organized and easily accessible, and run through your checklists with ease.

No Step Left Unchecked

Choose from one of ForeFlight's built-in aircraft POH templates or create and edit custom checklists that you can share with friends, club members, or aircraft partners. The interactive and color-coded interface keeps you on track and ensures you never miss a step.

ForeFlight Checklist is a feature of our Basic Plus and Pro Plus subscription plans.

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Glide Advisor™ Helps You Locate a Safe Landing Space

If you lose engine power, quickly assess your options with Glide Advisor™ . Using terrain, GPS data, winds aloft, and your aircraft’s best glide speed and ratio, ForeFlight shapes a glide range ring around your ownship icon on the moving map display. Pair with Distance Rings for a quick way to report your position to ATC, or for the ultimate inflight situational awareness, combine with Synthetic Vision and Hazard Advisor.


Watch the video

Watch the video

Choose App Theme for Day or Night Flight

Flying with ForeFlight at night is easier on your vision with the addition of a new Dark App Theme – a setting that converts the background color throughout the app from white to dark blue. Important information remains easily visible with highlight colors and prominent white text. For a powerful night setting, combine Dark App Theme with Color Inversion.

Create Custom Overlays with User Map Shapes

Import Keyhole Markup Language (KML) geographic shapefiles via iTunes and display custom defined points and areas on the ForeFlight Maps view for your custom navigation needs. Ideal for flight schools, search and rescue operations, pipeline patrol, and more.
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New SiriusXM SXAR1 Features are Music to Your Ears

ForeFlight integration with the SXAR1 portable Aviation Receiver now supports SiriusXM Satellite Radio streaming. Pair your Bluetooth headset or audio device to the SXAR1 and use ForeFlight to browse and select radio stations. In addition, SiriusXM’s Surface Winds weather layer is also available.

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Logbook Enhancements: Helpful Aircraft List Details & CFI Renewal Tracking

Easily view and edit details for Logbook aircraft profiles. See total hours in an aircraft right from the list view – a helpful design detail that gives you more visibility into your Logbook data at-a-glance. Enter your CFI certificate info in Qualifications then add to Currency Summary to track your renewal date.
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Watch the video

Device Disconnect Alert

In a perfect flying world, the wireless connections we use in the cockpit would never experience issues. But whether from a dead battery, connection issues, or human error, both portable and installed equipment can unexpectedly disconnect. This alert provides a prominent visual and audio alert that allows you to quickly troubleshoot and restore connection or switch to an alternative data source.

Microsoft Office Document Support

ForeFlight Documents now supports Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel files. Import via iTunes or the "Open in..." feature on your iPad, then access in ForeFlight's Documents view.