Takeoff & Landing Performance

Ensure that you can safely take off and land with fast runway performance calculations for supported piston and turboprop aircraft. Available with ForeFlight Performance Plus and Business Performance subscription plans.

Takeoff & Landing Performance Support

New   Looking for jet support? ForeFlight Runway Analysis has you covered. Available now for a select and growing list of aircraft models.

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Better Planning for Takeoff & Landing

Takeoff & Landing Performance in ForeFlight provides safety-enhancing information for the most critical phases of flight. Calculate performance results like total takeoff distance and climb rate, incorporating weather conditions and manufacturer-published performance data to get the right answer faster than ever.

Available with ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.

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Seamless Integration

Built directly into the Flights view flight planning form, Takeoff and Landing Performance extends the reach of ForeFlight’s highly-accurate performance capabilities without compromising on ease of use. Takeoff and landing weight values generated by the payload, fuel, and enroute calculations feed right into the Takeoff and Landing Performance calculations in one seamless workflow.

Manufacturer-Published Data

Takeoff & Landing Performance requires no time-consuming setup or model tweaking to get things right. All supported aircraft use performance and configuration data taken directly from their POH, so accuracy is ensured for every flight.

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The Best Flight Planning Tools – All in One Plan

Takeoff & Landing Performance is a powerful addition to one of the industry’s most technically advanced, fast, and accurate flight planning services. This feature is included at no additional charge in ForeFlight's Performance Plus subscription plans.

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Easy Scenario Planning

ForeFlight automatically pulls weather data from the most recent METAR, TAF, or MOS forecast at each airport to dial in performance calculations, but all environmental factors are user-editable for easy customization. See how your takeoff distance responds to an additional inch of mercury, or check climb performance from a balked landing in icing conditions.


Safety-Enhancing Warnings

ForeFlight provides a number of warning and error messages to let you know when the calculated results exceed the aircraft’s or runway’s limits, including aircraft-specific alerts for invalid takeoff or landing configurations or one engine inoperative overweight warnings.

Ready for Landing

Takeoff & Landing Performance works with or without an internet connection, using weather data received over ADS-B to calculate results so you can dial in your aircraft’s expected landing performance before you get there.


Safety Distance Factors

Increase your safety margins for Takeoff & Landing Performance calculations based on runway conditions and other factors. ForeFlight multiplies the initial distance amount by the Safety Distance Factor to produce the final result, and automatically applies your last-used factor for future flights with the same aircraft.

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